Thursday, January 22, 2009

Stars - Land Of Fortune (1979) Australia

Stars - Land Of Fortune (1979) Australia
Adelaide/Melbourne 1975-1979

01 - Land Of Fortune02 - Redneck Boogie03 - Gold Fever04 - Last Of The Riverboats05 - Innocent Bystanders06 - Wasted Words07 - In And Out Of Love08 - Good Times09 - I'm Ready10 - Never Coming Back
The Stars second album is closer to the Stars live sound than Paradise. More rock and less country this is a cohesive and well presented album. Lyrically it paints many pictures of past and contemporary Australian life with tracks such as Gold Fever, Land of Fortune, Redneck Boogie, and the Last of The Riverboats. It is also notable that while Andy Durant composes the majority of songs, Mal Eastick kicks in with the excellent title track and the rocker Gold Fever, demonstrating the depth of songwriting talent the band possessed. Also included is a cover of Willie Dixons I’m Ready containing a pretty full on lead guitar workout.
If you liked Paradise then I can recommend this album to you. After 27+ years I think that Land of Fortune has aged better than Paradise. Fine music from a fine band.
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