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Beat Merchants V.A. British Beat Groups

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High Tide - The Flood (1990)

A group that may have been too clever by half to succeed in England, High Tide never received more than a minimal amount of acceptance in their own country, but found a cult audience on the European continent. Formed in 1969, they played progressive rock with some folk and pop influences. Tony Hil was the singer and guitarist, Simon House played violin and keyboards, Peter Pavli handled the bass, and Roger Hadden played the drums. They were signed to Liberty Records' U.K. division in 1969 and released two albums over the next year — Sea Shanties and a self-titled second album — both of which featured dazzling guitar work by Hill and occasional striking interplay between his instrument and House's violin. The group never really found an audience however, splitting up in 1970. Simon House later became a member of Hawkwind, played with David Bowie, and joined members of the Third Ear Band to perform on the soundtrack of Roman Polanski's movie Macbeth. Pavli later joined in recording with House and several other Hawkwind expatriates. Hill and House have also recorded together in more recent years. The group also backed Denver Gerrard on his 1970 solo album.
1 Unearthed Joint stereo 4:32 2 All Of One Race Joint stereo 3:13 3 Static In The Attic Joint stereo 2:27 4 The Ballad Of Norris Mill Joint stereo 2:125 The Flood Joint stereo 4:19 6 Unhinged Joint stereo 4:35 7 Light Your Torch Joint stereo 5:05 8 The Great Universal Confidence Trick Joint stereo 8:019 Icarus Phoenix Joint stereo 2:57 10 Ice Age Joint stereo 2:18 11 Steady In E

Hell Preachers Inc. - Supreme Psychedelic Underground (1969)

In normal circumstance this album would probably be considered another of a seemingly endless stream of exploito albums that were churned out by small labels and faceless sessions players interested in a quick buck off of clueless consumers. What makes "Supreme Psychedelic Underground" different is the long standing and occasionally heated debate as to whether this was an early incarnation of Deep Purple, or at least couple of band members freelancing to pay bills. To show you how riled up Deep Purple fans can get over the issue, I pulled this little exchange off of the web:

"Have spent years researching this one and have read differing opinions about if it was them or not. Sorry, you disbelievers, but there is NO WAY this isn't them! The sound and the style is so Purple Circa late 60s, it's silly to think it could be anyone else.

I have it too and it occasionally gets put on the deck at parties (for a laugh). (A) it isn't Deep Purple, (B) it's a bunch of session men, (C) it's a pile of poo."

So what's the truth? Beats me. As far as I know Deep Purple have always denied any connection to Hell Preachers Inc. or this album. There are no writing, performance, or production credits on the album so that's a dead end. By the same token, there are a couple of selections that could easily pass for early Purple. As an example, the guitar and organ on the lead off instrumental 'Time Race 1' sure sound like Richie Blackmore and Rod Evans circa 'Wring That Neck'. On the other hand, while I don't have a conclusive answer, I can at tell you what the album sounds like. The Deep Purple comparison isn't that far off on stuff like 'Shalom' and 'Spy In Space' though those tracks are more psych-ish than Purple's hard rock moves. The isolated vocal performances aren't nearly as good ('Let Me Shoot You' and 'Nirwava'). The fact the anonymous singer has a fairly heavy accent also lends credence to the argument that this was the product of German sessions players. That said, the results are quite good - the collection sound great on a pair of quality headphones. Absent definitive proof of a Purple connection, I'm going to side with the folks who say this was a sessions player offering. One of the better period exploito albums. In the UK the album was released by the Marble Arch label, but in Germany it was released by Europa Records which was known for releasing other exploito material including "The Animated Egg" LP. (
My version :
Hell Preachers Inc. - Supreme Psychedelic Underground CD. Reissue of wild psychedelic acid trip album from 1969 with drugged madness and plenty of fuzz and organ action.
(use translator )
Загадочный проект конца 60-х. Безымянные исполнители преподнесли слушателям забористый психоделический набор из десяти дорожек. Молва приписывает участие в записи альбома членов малоизвестной тогда группы Deep Purple. И действительно, заглавный трек, инструментальная Tame Race 1 отчаянно напоминает ранний опус Блэкмора/ Симпера/ Лорда/ Пэйса – Wring That Neck с альбома “The Book Of Talisyn”. Впрочем, участники «Темного Пурпура» отрицают свою причастность к записи. По моей версии неизвестные имитаторы записали альбом в 1968 году на немецком лейбле Europe, а спустя некоторое время дельцы из Marble Arch переиздали винил в Англии… Так или иначе, правду мы уже не узнаем никогда! Но диск достаточно интересен как символ эпохи «кислотного рока». Вторая композиция 6-минутная Salom – загробная ода под гитарный «квакер», на фоне отрешенного органа, бесчисленные барабанные дроби и унылые вокальные завывания. Уже на третьей песне мы слышим голос вокалиста, пропущенный через ревербератор и мощные гитарные пассажи. В композиции Nirvana уже хочется самому завыть вместе с фальцетными причитаниями наложенными на скрипучие органные вставки. Затем нам дают отдохнуть в инструментальном опусе Courante с неплохой гитарой, но дурацкими вокальными ла-ла-ла. Дальше совсем уже «приличная» Peacher Man и резкими срывами певца. Можно также выделить энергичную песню Turn Turn на довольно однообразном фоне всего музыкального материала. Такая вот пластинка попалась! Все равно спасибо Mason Records за переиздание в 2004 году пособия для продвинутых поклонников андеграунда, исполненного безликими игроками, выразившими свой нигилистский взгляд языком рока. (РокАрхивы)
Thanks VADIM
1 - Time Race 12 - Shalom3 - Let Me Shoot You4 -Nirvana5 - Courante6 - Preacher Man7 - We Like the White Man8 - Turn Turn9 - Spy in Space10 - Time Race 2

Dr Feelgood - BBC Sessions (1973-1978 )

Dr. Feelgood was the ultimate working band. From their formation in 1971 to lead vocalist Lee Brilleaux's untimely death in 1994, the band never left the road, playing hundreds of gigs every year. Throughout their entire career, Dr. Feelgood never left simple, hard-driving rock & roll behind, and their devotion to the blues and R&B earned them a devoted fan base. That following first emerged in the mid-'70s, when Dr. Feelgood became the leader of the second wave of pub-rockers. Unlike Brinsley Schwarz, the laidback leaders of the pub-rock scene, Dr. Feelgood was devoted to edgy, Stonsy rock & roll, and their sweaty live shows — powered by Brilleaux's intense singing and guitarist Wilko Johnson's... Read More...

1. She Does It Right
2. I Don't Mind
3. Riot In Cell Block #9
4. Tore Down
5. Checkin' Up On My Baby
6. More I Give
7. Boom Boom
8. All Through The City
9. Talk To Me Baby
10. I Don't Mind
11. I'm A Hog For You Baby
12. Keep It Out Of Sight
13. Route 66
14. You Upset Me Baby
15. She's A Wind Up
16. Baby Jane
17. Ninety Nine And A Half (Just Won't Do)
18. Night Time
19. Take A Tip
20. Down At The Doctor's
21. Sugar Shaker

The Nightcrawlers - The Little Black Egg [Big Beat] (2000) Compilation

The Nightcrawlers had a small hit, "The Little Black Egg," in the mid-'60s that's remembered for its cutesy folk-rock-cum-garage sound and its enigmatic lyrics. Although it only reached number 85, it made more of an impact than that low placing might reflect, since it was a regional hit in various parts of the country after it was recorded in 1965, only making the national charts upon its third issue in early 1967. The Nightcrawlers did a few more singles with their original lineup, which disbanded in mid-1966 with enough material for one LP on Kapp. A different Nightcrawlers did keep going for one more single in 1967 and principal songwriter Charlie Conlon did a couple of singles as leader of a different band called ... Read More...
1. The Little Black Egg Listen Listen 2. A Basket Of Flowers Listen Listen 3. Sally In The Alley Listen Listen 4. Who Knows Listen Listen 5. Me For Me Listen Listen 6. If You Want My Love (Undubbed Version) Listen Listen 7. I Don't Remember Listen Listen 8. If I Were You Listen Listen 9. The Last Ship Listen Listen 10. Show Me The Way Listen Listen 11. What Time Is It Listen Listen 12. You're Running Wild Listen Listen 13. Washboard Listen Listen 14. Sticks And Stones Listen Listen 15. He Shouldn't Hurt You Listen Listen 16. Cry Listen Listen 17. (Get Your Kicks On) Route 66 Listen Listen 18. All Day And All Of The Night Listen Listen 19. Grown Up Wrong Listen Listen 20. Oh! Baby (We Got A Good Thing Goin') Listen Listen 21. Sea Of Love Listen Listen 22. It's All Over Now Listen Listen 23. Washboard (Early Version) Listen Listen 24. Heart Of Stone Listen Listen
At a glance it might be assumed that this is the definitive Nightcrawlers retrospective; after all, it has 24 tracks, by a band that only did a few singles and an album. It does contain everything from their sole LP (also called The Little Black Egg, from 1967) and a few non-LP singles and unreleased cuts. However, there are curious imperfections that prevent this from being a definitive retrospective. The B-side of their first 45, "Marie," isn't here, and more problematically, their 1967 single "My Butterfly"/"Today I'm Happy" is not included, either. Nor does it include the two singles by spin-off band Conlon & the Crawlers. Yes, the back sleeve does note that this has "all the recordings by the original band," which presumably means there was a deliberate decision to exclude all material that did not feature that lineup. The problem is, "My Butterfly" — an incredibly accurate early Who imitation complete with high harmonies, ringing guitar, and airplane take-off instrumental breaks — is their best song other than "The Little Black Egg." Both sides of the "My Butterfly" single, and both sides of both Conlon & the Crawlers singles, were included on the Eva LP compilation The Little Black Egg, which had much poorer sound and barely any liner notes (the Big Beat compilation, on the other hand, has a copious group history). The optimum approach would have been to add the 1967 Kapp single and the Conlon & the Crawlers singles in place of the handful of previously unreleased British Invasion/R&B covers that conclude the Big Beat CD. As it is, neither the Eva nor the Big Beat anthologies represent the group's output to collectors' utmost satisfaction, although comments in the liner notes to the Big Beat compilation propose that the missing material is not worthy of comparison to what's heard on this disc. As for what is here, it's mostly pretty thin and forgettable, though periodically engaging, moody garage-folk-rock.

The Stillroven - Cast Thy Burden Upon (1966)

The band known as the Stillroven began in the Minneapolis suburb of Robbinsdale, MN. It was 1965, and their original name was "the Syndicate," a name they thought should be changed when original guitarist Mark Moorhead left the band in 1966. The original lineup also consisted of bassist Rock Peterson, guitarist John Howarth, keyboardist Dave Dean, and drummer Phil Berdahl. When Moorhead left, they recruited Dan Kane to take his spot and changed their name, eventually recording "She's My Woman"/"(I'm Not Your) Stepping Stone" for Falcoln that year. There were only 50 copies printed for radio stations, but their next single was the first one that the public had access to. "Hey Joe"/"Sunny Day" was a hit in their hometown, but that was not enough for Peterson and Kane, who departed the same year. The band found a new bassist and guitarist in Dave Berget and Jim Larkin respectively, and soon was recording their next singles. "Little Picture Playhouse"/"Cast Thy Burden Upon the Stone" was hailed as a hallucinogenic masterpiece by garage rock enthusiasts, but the average music fan did not catch on to the regional popularity they enjoyed in Minneapolis. Their manager moved to Tucson, AZ, where he continued to guide their career from a distance. Larkin and Berget left the band as quickly as they came, being replaced by bassist Mike Flaherty and guitarist Mike O'Gara. They recorded a fourth single under this lineup, "Come in the Morning"/"Necessary Person," but after the first 100 copies printed there was enough internal dissension to have "Come in the Morning" pulled from the single and replaced with a cover of the Small Faces' "Tell Me Have You Ever Seen Me." This would be the last release from the band, as they quietly broke up toward the end of 1968. A career retrospective, Cast Thy Burden Upon the Stillroven, was released in 1996 to appease garage band enthusiasts who had been waiting for more material from the group. The album included many unreleased songs, as well as a few tracks that were originally on compilations. Rumor has it that the band has an entire album recorded from 1968 that has never seen the light of day, and Sundazed Records has even promised a release of the album. ~ Bradley Torreano, All Music Guide
01 • I'm Not Your Stepping Stone02 • She's My Woman03 • Hey Joe04 • Sunny Day05 • And My Baby's Gone06 • Little Picture Playhouse07 • Cast Thy Burden Upon The Stone08 • Tell Me Have You Ever Seen Me09 • Have You Got A Penny10 • Cheating - (previously unreleased)11 • Little Games - (previously unreleased)12 • Love Is A Beautiful Thing - (previously unreleased)13 • Under My Thumb - (previously unreleased)14 • Signed D.C. - (previously unreleased)15 • Come In The Morning16 • Necessary Person17 • Tell Me Have You Ever Seen Me - (previously unreleased, Version 2)18 • Freakout - (previously unreleased)

The Gestures - The Gestures (1964)

One of the first American garage bands to write and perform British Invasion-derived material, the Gestures only recorded two singles in the mid-'60s. But one of those, "Run, Run, Run," was an excellent effort indeed, with its blend of surf-styled guitar, terrific pummeling drums, and Beatlesque harmonies. It made #44 nationally in late 1964, and made the Top Ten in several cities, but the Minnesota group only made one follow-up before disbanding. Recording for a tiny regional label, there wasn't enough of a support network to build the Gestures into a bigger act, although some strong original songs — which employed pleasing harmonies and unusual, almost jazzy chord structures — indicated that the group had considerable potential. As it was, they're just another in a line of young groups whose prospects were short-circuited by limited opportunities, although "Run, Run, Run" is now acknowledged as one of the earliest and best garage 45s, especially after it was reissued on Pebbles, Vol. 9.
01 - Hi-Heel Sneakers
02 - I'm Not Mad
03 - Don't Mess Around
04 - Run Run Run
05 - Things We Said Today
06 - Can I Get a Witness
07 - Long Tall Texan
08 - Don't Let the Sun Catch You Crying
09 - It Seems to Me
10 - She Cried
11 - When Does Linda Cry
12 - Savage World [instrumental]
13 - Candlelight
14 - Things We Said Today [Alternate Backing Track]
15 - I'm Not Mad [Alternate Version]
16 - Stand by
The Gestures never released an album during their brief existence. This 16-track disc was patched together by combining all four songs from their two singles with 12 previously unreleased cuts that were recorded for a projected (but unreleased album). "Run, Run, Run" is a stone classic, from its opening rush of ascending chords to its final chorus. Gestures songwriter Dale Menten penned a couple of other neat, more subdued tunes that bridged surf-frat rock with British Invasion styles. Most of the unreleased stuff, though, is competent, but not overly stunning, covers of mid-'60s hits from both the U.K. and the U.S. As such, it's more a testament to what might have been than a notable document, although garageheads will find it entertaining.

Hotlegs - Thinks School Stinks (1971)

In 1970, Kevin Godley, Lol Crиme, and Eric Stewart were, alongside songwriter Graham Gouldman, the house band at the Strawberry Studios setup in Stockport, England. Gouldman was spending much of his time in New York, working as a contract songwriter for the Kasenatz/Katz bubblegum team — his partners remained at home, equipping the studio and testing the new equipment. It was during one of these tests, playing around with a drum kit and a new four-track recorder, that Philips label rep Dick Leahy happened by, heard what they were doing, and pronounced it an instant hit single."It" was a percussive experiment which evolved around a chant of "I'm ... Read More...
Reviewby Dave Thompson
The rudiments of history should be familiar to all. Fresh from the breakup of the Mindbenders guitarist Eric Stewart and songwriter Graham Gouldman opened their own Strawberry Studios in Stockport, England. Joined by Lol Creme and Kevin Godley, but temporarily shedding Gouldman, who promptly relocated to New York, the gang were experimenting with drum sounds when a passing record company executive spotted a hit amongst the hitting — "Neanderthal Man," the most distinctive smash of 1970, was born, and by year's end the trio was working on an entire album. The fact that only one other track, the tribal joke "Um Wah Um Woh," even glanced in the direction of "Neanderthal Man" lets you know just how seriously Hotlegs were taking their fame. Few people would care about Hotlegs today had the trio (plus the returning Gouldman) not subsequently reinvented themselves as 10cc, and it is reassuring to note that much of that band's instant charm and excitement is already present amid Thinks: School Stinks. The 12-minute "Suite F.A." actively fore- and overshadows Godley-Creme's next attempt at elongating their artform, The Original Soundtrack's similarly protracted "Une Nuit a Paris," while the aforementioned "Um Wah" packs a wildly panning guitar solo to die for. Similarly, the angelic ballads which Godley long continued prone to (the lovely "Fly Away," "Take Me Back"); the seering guitar leads which were Stewart's specialty; and the utterly skewed lyrical twists which Creme so relished are all present and correct. Unfortunately, few Hotlegs fans wanted angelic ballads, seering guitar leads, and lyrical twists, and Thinks ultimately became better regarded for its sleeve than its contents — the school desk stuffed with an unsavory smorgasbord of cigarette butts, broken cookies, titillating pin-ups, a sneaker, odd socks, and an occupied gas mask would later be borrowed by Alice Cooper for School's Out, two years later. Hotlegs' masterpiece would be left to molder for another 24 years, until it finally reappeared on CD with adequate sound and an utterly truncated sleeve
Thinks: School Stinks (by HOTLEGS: pre 10cc)
Studio Album, released in 1970
Line-up/Musicians- Eric Stewart / guitar, bass, arranger, vocals, producer- Lol Creme / guitar, bass, arranger, keyboards, vocals, producer- Kevin Godley / arranger, drums, vocals, producer- Baz Barker / flute, violin- Mike Bell / saxophone- Ian Brooks / trumpet- Rod Morton / tambourine- Mike Timoney / organ- Cheadle Hulme High School Choir / Vocals on "Suite F.A.- Graham Gouldman / bass ("Today")- Tony Harrison / String arrangement ("Today")
Track Listings1. Neanderthal Man (4:19)
2. How Many Times (3:57)
3. Desperate Dan (2:12)
4. Take Me Back (5:01)
5. Um Wah, Um Woh (5:30)
6. Suite F.A.: On My Way/Indecision/The Return (12:53)
7. Fly Away (2:43)
8. Run Baby Run (2:50)
9. All God's Children (4:55)
10. Today
11. Lady Sadie
12. The loser
13 - You Didn't Like It Because You Didn't Think Of It (Mono)
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Capability Brown - From Scratch (1972)

Mp3 \117Мв
Tony Ferguson - Vocals, Guitar, BassDave Nevin - Keyboards, Guitar, Vocals, BassKenny Rowe - Bass, Vocals, PercussionGrahame White - Vocals, Guitar, BassJoe Williams - Vocals, PercussionRoger Willis - Vocals, Drums, Keyboards
This band's staple diet was mainstream rock with some arty pop leanings. Their "From Scratch" album had a couple of tracks with more progressive leanings: 'Rayge' and 'Sole Survivor'. This latter song was about the escape from the coming war with a time machine and culminated in some fine guitar work imitating time machine travel! There are reasonable stabs at Rare Bird's 'Beautiful Scarlet' and Russ Ballards 'Liar'. They also covered another Rare Bird song, 'Redman', which dealt with the fate of the American Indians. The "Liar" album is a compilation of their recordings from 1972 and 1973.
Kenny Rowe had earlier been in The Moments and both he and Tony Ferguson had been in Harmony Grass. Joe Williams and Dave Nevin may also have been later members of Harmony Grass, whilst Roger Willis had played with The Gremlins. Willis, White and Ferguson went on to Krazy Kat in 1976.
01 beautiful scarlet
02 do you believe
03 the band
04 garden
05 liar
06 no range
07 i will be there
08 redman
09 day in day out
10 sole survivor
— a) scape
b) sole survivor
Thanks aaspirin (

Chrysalis - Definition (1967)

A folk/rock band based in Ithaca, NY, in the late '60s. Their leader, Spider Barbour, went on with solo work and with the Mothers of Invention.
01 What Will Become of the Morning 02 Lacewing 03 Cynthia Gerome 04 April Grove 05 Father's Getting Old 06 30 Poplar 07 Baby, Let Me Show You Where I Live 08 Fitzpatrick Swanson 09 Lake Hope 10 Piece of Sun 11 Summer in Your Savage Eyes 12 Dr Root's Garden Bonus tracks: 13 Dues Are Hard 14 Gimme Your Love 15 Sink in Deeper 16 Window Shopping 17 Well I Can Ride 18 Cold & Windy City 19 Cynthia Gerome 20 Dr Root's Garden
The recent deluge of mid-'60s relics that continue to rise from the vinyl crypt for a little modern re-consideration are too often more miss than hit. For every Pete Dello or Comus reissue there are seven or eight barely mediocre offerings from bands like Eclection or the Vejtables. Chrysalis, a colorful quintet from Ithaca, New York who dabbled in everything from folk, rock and jazz to Middle Eastern music fall somewhere in the middle, and their one and only recording, Definition remains a fascinating, if uneven lesson in the fine art of psychedelia. Frank Zappa, who championed Chrysalis as "a group that has yet to destroy your mind" was originally asked to produce, but was in the throes of removing himself from a bitter contractual dispute with MGM/Verve. In the end, Definition went through numerous production teams who all left for various reasons — none relating to the music or musicians — which makes it all the more curious that it sounds so defined and cohesive. Frontman Spider Barbour, who had appeared on both Zappa's We're Only in It for the Mony and Lumpy Gravy — and who is now, ironically, a naturalist devoted to the lives of moths and butterflies — brings a great deal of early Mothers of Invention aesthetic to the table. Jazzy piano motifs flitter about truncated worldbeat rhythms, while short comedy skits provide segues between songs that deal with insects, yodeling girls, and hippie culture. It's all very Sgt. Pepper's, but there is an adventurous glee to the songs and arrangements that's equally matched by the talent behind them. It's the kind of brainy yet daft art rock that collegiate drug users, music school geeks and even children can find common ground in, and Rev-Ola's extensive liner notes and inclusion of eight bonus tracks from the sessions makes for a rewarding listen whoever you are.
Thanks bellyfred (

The Eyes - Blink (’65-’66)


by Richie Unterberger

In 1965 and 1966, the Eyes released a clutch of singles that stand up to the Who's work from the same era in their blend of extremely innovative guitar feedback/distortion and anthemic mod songwriting. "When the Night Falls," "The Immediate Pleasure," "I'm Rowed Out," "You're Too Much," and the dry "My Generation" satire "My Degeneration" are revered highly by British Invasion collectors. The bursts of electronic mayhem were quite advanced for the time, though like the Who they had hooks and harmonies to counterpoint the madness. They weren't as memorable as the Who and didn't approach commercial success. After a much softer fourth single and an ill-conceived album of Rolling Stones covers (recorded under the name the Pupils), the group disbanded.
01 when the night falls. 2:3602 good day sunshine. 2:0403 i wanna be your man. 1:5104 please dont cry. 2:3805 my degeneration. 2:4706 youre too much. 3:2307 man with money. 2:4608 im rowed out. 2:5809 the immediate pleasure. 3:0010 19th nervous breakdown. 3:4811 not fade away. 2:1612 when the night falls(demo). 2:5913 im rowed out (demo). 3:2014 the immediate pleasure (demo). 2:4415 radio london(promo). 0:3016 shakin all over (demo). 3:2917 when the night falls (demo 2). 2:5918 route 66. 2:17
Includes both sides of their four singles, plus a couple of cuts from their LP of Rolling Stones covers. There's a big distance between the good and bad cuts on this compilation, although the best four or five tracks are good indeed. Comes with a four-page history of the band.

Music Machine - The Ultimate Turn On

Most famous for "Talk Talk", a Top 20 single from 1966 that was one of the most manic '60s garage-punk hits, the Music Machine had much more depth and songwriting talent than the typical one-hit wonders of the day. Lead singer and songwriter Sean Bonniwell's strangled lyrics and dark, verbose vision paced the group's wiry psychedelic guitar lines and ominous, minor-key Farfisa organ. The San Jose, California-born Bonniwell had been inspired to form his first group in high school in the late 1950's, after hearing "Only You" by the Platters. He later moved into folk music, and was a guitarist with such early 1960's folk outfits as the Noblemen and the Wayfarers... Read More...

The Ultimate Turn On [ENHANCED] [IMPORT]
Original Release Date: September 19, 2006
Disc: 1
1. Talk Talk 2. Trouble 3. Cherry Cherry 4. Taxman 5. Some Other Drum 6. Masculine Intuition 7. The People In Me 8. CC Rider 9. Wrong 10. 96 Tears 11. Come On In 12. Hey Joe 13. Double Yellow Line 14. Absolutely Positively 15. The Eagle Never Hunts The Fly 16. I’ve Loved You 17. Talk Talk 18. Trouble 19. Cherry Cherry 20. Taxman 21. Some Other Drum 22. Masculine Intuition 23. The People In Me 24. CC Rider 25. Wrong 26. 96 Tears 27. Come On In 28. Hey Joe
Disc: 2
1. The People In Me 2. Trouble 3. Masculine Intuition 4. The Eagle Never Hunts The Fly 5. Sufferin’ Succotash 6. Worry 7. No Girl Gonna Cry 8. Smoke & Water 9. I’ve Loved You 10. Discrepancy 11. Bottom Of The Soul 12. The Trap 13. Absolutely Positively 14. Somethin’ Hurtin’ On Me n 15. Affirmative No 16. Talk Me Down 17. Astrologically Incompatible 18. Worry 19. No Girl Gonna Cry 20. Smoke & Water

The Merseybeats - I think of you (Complete Recordings)

I Think of You: The Complete Recordings
Recording Date Aug 1963-Jul 1964
Release Date May 7, 2002

The Merseybeats were one of the better quartets to come out of the British Invasion without ever making a dent on the charts in the United States — along with the Roulettes, the Chants, and the Undertakers, they represent an undeservedly lost chapter in early-'60s British rock & roll. Although they enjoyed a little less than a year of serious chart success, the Merseybeats were unable to pull together the various facets of their sound into a cohesive, coherent whole in the manner of the Beatles or the Hollies, and into something lasting, in part because of a lack of original songwriting ability in their ranks. The group's roots go back to the early '60s in Liverpool, and a band originally known as "the Mavericks," comprised ... Read More...
1. It's Love That Really Counts 2. Fortune Teller 3. I Think of You 4. Mister Moonlight 5. Don't Turn Around 6. Really Mystified 7. Wishin' and Hopin' 8. Milkman 9. Last Night (I Made a Little Girl Cry) 10. Send Me Back 11. Don't Let It Happen to Us 12. It Would Take a Long, Long Time 13. I Love You Yes I Do 14. Good Good Lovin' 15. I Stand Accused 16. All My Life 17. Hello, Young Lovers 18. He Will Break Your Heart 19. Funny Face 20. Girl That I Marry 21. Fools Like Me 22. My Heart and I 23. Bring It on Home to Me 24. Lavender Blue 25. Jumpin' Jonah 26. Long Tall Sally 27. I'm Gonna Sit Right Down and Cry 28. Shame 29. You Can't Judge a Book by Its Cover 30. Nur Unsere Liebe Zдhlt 31. Nur du Allein
All 31 songs the Merseybeats ever recorded manage to fit on this single-CD compilation. That includes the A-sides and B-sides of all eight of their 1963-1965 singles, all of the tracks from their sole album that weren't on 45s, the songs from their 1964 On Stage EP (none of which made it onto any other format at the time), and even German versions of "I Think of You" and "It's Love That Really Counts." That doesn't leave much to complain about. Nonetheless, it has to be said that if you have their Edsel best-of, Beat & Ballads, which concentrates on their best singles, you're not missing much, even if it's only half the length. Of the cuts here that aren't on Beat & Ballads, few are memorable, largely encompassing some mediocre group-penned B-sides and drab covers, some of inappropriately pop-oriented tunes. Among this material, really, the only song that's up to the standards of what was selected for Beat & Ballads is a lively rockabilly arrangement of Rodgers & Hammerstein's "Hello, Young Lovers." And the liner notes aren't as good as those for Beat & Ballads, though they do have some comments by Merseybeat-for-a-time John Gustafson. Still, this does have everything, at no more expense than you'll likely incur from a used copy of Beat & Ballads. And much of the best stuff, like "Don't Turn Around," "Milkman," "Don't Let It Happen to Us," "I Stand Accused," and "It's Love That Really Counts," rates among the better unknown (in the U.S., anyway) Merseybeat, with "Last Night" counting as one of the best obscure early British Invasion pop/rockers.

Pink Floyd - 1967: The First Three Singles

The 1967 Singles Sampler, or 1967: The First Three Singles, is a limited edition compilation album by Pink Floyd which was released in 1997 to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the band. It features the bands first three singles and b sides, which were written mostly by their band leader, Syd Barrett. "Arnold Layne" reached number #20 in the charts while "See Emily Play" made it to number #6, their highest charting single in the U.K until the release of Another Brick in the Wall (Part 2) in 1979. "Apples and Oranges" was largely overlooked, with Roger Waters blaming its poor sales on bad production. "Paintbox" had been released previously along with "Arnold Layne" and "See Emily Play" on the Relics compilation album. "Scarecrow" also featured on the band's debut album, "The Piper at the Gates of Dawn". The album cover includes the original artwork which was found on each of the singles. 'Arnold Layne' and 'See Emily Play' both later appeared on the Echoes compilation album in 2001.
01 - Arnold Layne 02 - Candy and a Currant Bun
03 - See Emily Play 04 - Scarecrow
05 - Apples and Oranges 06 - Paintbox
"... "Arnold Layne" was the unmistakable first single released by Floyd about a man who stole laundry (or something like that) resulting in a 20 spot on UK charts. Then there's "See Emily Play" as probably one of the best 2:50 songs ever recorded. The rest of the tracks all contain the soaring, ultra-intense trademarks of psych rock that made Floyd so easy to fall in love with; anyone with an interest of delving into Floyd's earlier works and the unconditional brilliance of Syd Barrett should definitely start with this album. ... " (Lara ...)

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Ian & The Zodiacs - Just Listen To Ian & The Zodiacs (1965) + BONUS



Ian and the Zodiacs

Ian and the Zodiacs had one of the longest histories of any band working in Liverpool, which makes their utter obscurity in that city even more of a puzzle, considering that they had a cool name and played r&b well enough to become stars in Germany. The band's roots go back to the Zodiacs, a trad-jazz (i.e. Dixieland) outfit formed in 1958 as a sextet that included future Fourmost drummer Dave Lovelay-they switched to rock 'n roll soon after. The original Zodiacs stayed intact thru the spring of 1960, when lead guitarist Pete Pimlett exited and Ian Edwards, late of the Deltones (who attended the same school as the Zodiacs) came aboard, along with Charlie Flynn... Read More...


01 The In Crowd02 Make It Easy On Yourself03 I Need You04 Face In The Crowd05 It's A Crying Shame06 Nature Boy07 Can't Stop Running Away08 Headin' Back To You09 Donna Donna10 Believe Me11 Strong Love12 As You Used To Do13 What Kind Of Fool14 No, Not Another Night15 All Of Me16 Leave It To Me17 Why Can't It Be Me18 Any Day Now19 Na-Na-Na-Na-Na20 I'll Take You Home21 Little Child22 Take A Message to Martha




Ian & The Zodiacs\ Denny Seyton & The Sabres 2 in 1



Denny Seyton & the Sabres

Denny Seyton & the Sabres were one of the more promising Liverpool-based bands that never made it, despite getting as far as charting a single, "The Way You Look Tonight," in 1964. Denny Seyton (real name Brian Tarr) was their founder and lead singer, and their most important lineup — which went through several transitions leading up to that point — featured songwriter Lally Stott on lead guitar, Mike Logan on organ, John Boyle on bass, and Eden Kane alumnus Dave Saxon on drums. Their sound was R&B-based, and some accounts of their early stage sound compare them to the Rolling Stones. They were signed to Mercury Records' U.K. division (making them sort of the distant musical precursors to ... Read More...

McDonald & Sherby - Catharsis (1969)

"...This is a reissue of ultra-rare psychedelic prog rock. McDonald & Sherby's sole contribution to the canon of 20th century music was Catharsis, an album which originally appeared on the appropriately-named Omniscient label (Omniscient Records 1426S) Some have speculated that given the band's prog/psych leanings, Catharsis was probably recorded in the '70s (1974), although the accepted wisdom is that the album was made at Minneapolis's Sound 80 Studios on 1969. The album consists of six long tracks with a decidedly heavy guitar-based vibe, all well recorded and delivered with considerable aplomb. The track "Swim Free" is their magical moment in time..."
This is a reissue of ultra-rare psychedelic preprog rock and
one of my favorite psych album .
Let It Be
01. Addoranne02. Sharks Around Blood03. Run And Hide04. Space Beam05. Swim Free06. Drivin? Me Crazy

Markley - A Group (1969) - Bob Markley Album


by Stewart Mason
The final West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band album didn't even feature the band's name (although for once all four bandmembers, including Michael Lloyd, were properly credited in the liner notes): Bob Markley had suggested that they change the band's name for this release, and the rest of the group consented, perhaps simply tired of dealing with Markley's legendary egomania. Surprisingly, this is actually not a bad record at all (certainly it's better than the last-gasp efforts of the group's former labelmates the Electric Prunes and the Beau Brummels, which came out around the same time), including both some excellent string parts by Lloyd and some of Danny Harris' best vocals. (Brother Shaun Harris appears only on the final track, a superior remake of "Outside/Inside" from 1969's Where's My Daddy?) Musically, the simple, often delicate sound is most akin to the group's first indie album from 1966 (reissued on Sundazed in 1997). The soft-edged arrangements prominently feature Lloyd's keyboards and overdubbed harmonies courtesy of Harris and Lloyd; most of the guitars are acoustic for once. Lyrically, however, Bob Markley seems to be continuing Where's My Daddy?'s creepy themes of paranoia, class resentment (for someone who funded the band through his trust fund, Markley seemed to write an awful lot of songs about wealth redistribution), and, perhaps most tellingly in light of the lyricist's eventual legal troubles, a predilection for underage girls. That blend of musical beauty and lyrical ickiness is, at heart, the true legacy of the West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band
1. Booker T & His Electric Shock2. Next Plane To The Sun3. Roger The Rocket Ship4. Elegant Ellen5. Little Ruby Rain6. Message For Miniature7. Sarah The Sad Spirit8. Truck Stop9. Zoom Zoom Zoom10. Sweet Lady Eleven11. The Magic Cat12. Outside - Inside
Thanks Motto (

The West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band - Volume one (1967) (expanded)


The West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band was an psychedelic band of the late 1960s, based in Los Angeles, California. Recorded and released in 1967, "Volume One" was a more ambitious and coherent album, with all of the tracks credited either in whole or in part to members of the band.
Former Members:Bob Markley (vocals) Shaun Harris (bass) Danny Harris (guitar, vocals) Michael Lloyd (guitar, vocals) Ron Morgan (guitar)
In 1965, Fowley arranged a private party in Markley’s house at which the Yardbirds performed, and which the Harris brothers and Lloyd also attended. Markley was impressed by the large number of teenage girls attracted by the band, and the much younger musicians were impressed by Markley’s financial resources and potential ability to fund good quality equipment and a light show. Fowley encouraged them to join forces and, with the addition of drummer John Ware, The West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band was formed. The general approach was intended to parallel that being developed on the east coast by Andy Warhol and the Velvet Underground. Markley used his legal background to ensure that he held all rights to the band’s name.... Read More...
1. Something You Got 2. Work Song 3. Louie, Louie 4. Don't Break My Balloon 5. You Really Got Me 6. Don't Let Anything!!! Stand In Your Way 7. I Won't Hurt You 8. If You Want This Love 9. Insanity 10. It's All Over Now, Baby Blue 11. She Belongs To Me 12. She Surely Must Know (Previously Unissued) 13. Sassafras 14. She May Call You Up Tonight 15. One Day (Previously Unissued) 16. Funny How Love Can Be (Previously Unissued) 17. Obviously Bad 18. Endless Night (Previously Unissued) 19. Tell Me What You Want To Know(Previously Unissued) 20. Just You & Me (Previously Unissued) 21. Chimes Of Freedom (Previously Unissued) 22. Scuse me Miss Rose (Previously Unissued...)
Raw, sometimes sloppy material by this enigmatic psychedelic cult band appeared on an extremely rare debut album in 1966 (their first LP for Reprise, Part One, is usually considered their first recording). This 22-track compilation reissues that first album on CD, adding 11 other rare tracks from the 1965-1967 era, most previously unreleased. West Coast Pop Art were always a strange act, and this collection does nothing to tarnish that perception. It's not so much the weirdness of the sound -- they could be plenty weird per se on Zappaesque freakouts like "Insanity" (co-penned by Kim Fowley), but only occasionally. It's more the sheer unpredictable range of the material. One minute they're attacking "Louie, Louie" and the classic jazz instrumental "Work Song" with all the finesse of teenagers in their bedroom; the next they're doing pretty psych-pop tunes with a bizarre edge, like "I Won't Hurt You"; then there are the Dylan covers, which are approached as if they are Yardbirds tunes, with splashes of feedback and hard rock/R&B arrangements. And then there's an original baroque pop number worthy of the Left Banke or late-period Zombies ("She Surely Must Know"), a sharp, witty country-tinged rocker ("Sassafras"), and covers of the Left Banke's "She May Call You Up Tonight" and the mawkish "Funny How Love Can Be." No stylistic consistency whatsoever, in other words, but plenty of wacky energy, and occasional actual inspiration. Which makes this hard to recommend to anyone other than psychedelic junkies. But if you fit under that umbrella, it's not bad at all, though wildly erratic. Richie Unterberger, All Music Guide
The West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band's first album for Reprise was the best of the group's career, in large part because it was the most song-oriented. It was still plenty weird, almost to the point of stylistic schizophrenia, but when you got down to it, much of the record was comprised of fairly catchy songs in the neighborhood of two and three minutes. ... Read More..

The Rattles - Twist im Star-Club Hamburg (1963)


Biography by Richie Unterberger : One of the most successful, and certainly one of the most prolific, German rock groups of the '60s, the Rattles enjoyed reasonable success in their native land without making much of an impression elsewhere (though some of their material was released in other countries). Starting out in the same Star Club-based Hamburg scene as the Liverpool groups of the early '60s, their early repertoire was built upon a similar base of '50s rock and soul/R&B. They released about 30 singles during the '60s (some on the Star-Club label itself), as well as almost ten albums, eventually making the transition to original material, and marching on well into the 1970s.
01 - Baby That Is Rock And Roll.02 - The Stomp.03 - Go To Him.04 - Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah.05 - Mashed Potatoes.06 - Hello.07 - Cryin', Waitin', Hopin'.08 - Sticks And Stones.09 - Hippy Hippy Shake.10 - Ain't She Sweet.11 - By Bye Johnny.12 - Twist And Shout.13 - Dream Baby.14 - P.S. I Love You.15 - Shimmy Shimmy.16 - Hippy Hippy Shake (Without Audience).17 - Geh zu ihm.18 - Bye, Bye, Baby.

V.A.- Twist&Shout - Rock'N'Roll of The 50s & 60s



01 Carl Perkins - Blue suede shoes.02 Jerry Lee Lewis - Great balls of fire.03 The Swinging Blue Jeans - Hippy hippy shake.04 Lesley Gore - It's my party.05 Lucky Star - I've been everywhere.06 Chuck Berry - Johnny b.goode.07 Wanda Jackson - Let's have a party.08 Chubby Checker - Let's twist again.09 Little Richard - Long tall sally.10 Johnny Tillotson - Poerty in motion.11 Bobby Day - Rockin Robin.12 The Crew Cuts - Sh-boom.13 The Champs - Tequila.14 Sheb Wooley - The purple people eater.15 Chubby Checker - The twist.16 Little Richard - Tutti Frutti.17 Jerry Lee Lewis - Whole lotta shakin.18 Bobby Rydell - Wild one.


(Collection Mp3 with amusing cover)

British Top Charts (1963 - 1968)
001-Engegbert Humperdink - The Last Waltz002-Engelbert Humperdinck - Release Me003-Sandie Shaw - Puppet On a String004-Engelbert Humperdinck - There Goes My Everything005-Scott McKenzie - San Francisco006-Frankie Vaughan - There Must Be A Way007-Procol Harum - A Whiter Shade Of Pale008-Tom Jones - I'll Never Fall In Love Again009-The Monkees - I'm A Believer010-Anita Harris - Just Loving You011-Nancy Sinatra & Frank Sinatra - Somethin' Stupid012-The Bee Gees - Massachusets013-The Tremeloes - Silence Is Golden014-Petula Clark - This Is My Song015-The Mamas and the Papas - Dedicated To The One I Love016-The Foundations - Baby Now That I've Found You017-The Traffic - Hole In My Shoe018-The Beatles - All You Need Is Love019-Vicky Carr - It Must Be Him020-Keith West - Except From A Teenage Opera021-Stevie Wonder - I Was Made To Love Her022-The Turtles - She'd Rather Be With Me023-Vince Hill - Edelweiss024-Dave,_Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick and Tich - Zabadak!025-The Monkees - Alternate Title026-The Move - Flowers In The Rain027-The Supremes - Reflections028-Small Faces - Itchycoo Park029-Harry Secombe - This Is My Song030-The Kinks - Waterloo Sunset031-Long John Baldry - Let The Heartaches Begin032-Val Doonican - If The Whole World Stop Lovin033-The Beatles - Strawberry Fields Forever034-The Troggs - Love Is All Around035-The Monkees - A Little Bit Me, A Little Bit You036-The Hollies - Carrie Anne037-Arthur Conley - Sweet Soul Music038-Tom Jones - Green Green Grass Of Home039-The Dave Clark Five - Everybody Knows (I still Love You)040-The Dubliners - Seven Drunken Nights041-The Tremeloes - Even The Bad Times Are Good042-Cat Stevens - Matthew & Son043-Young Rascals - Groovin'044-The Tremeloes - Here Comes My Baby045-The Rolling Stones - Lets Spend The Night Together046-Royal Guardsmen - Snoopy vs the Red Baron047-The Supremes - The Happening048-The Beach Boys - Then I Kissed Her049-Johnny Mann Singers - Up Up And Away050-Des O'connor - Careless Hands051-Dave Davis - Death Of A Clown052-The Hollies - On A Carousel053-Box Tops - The Letter054-The Who - Pictures Of Lilly055-Alan Price Set - Simon Smith & His Amazing Dancing Bear056-Manfred Mann - Ha Ha Said The Clown057-The Herd - From The Underworld058-The Move - Night Of Fear059-Jimi Hendrix - Purple Haze060-The Seekers - Georgy Girl061-Whistling Jack Smith - I Was Kaiser Bill's Batman062-The Traffic - Paper Sun063-Flowerpot Men - Let's Go To San Francisco064-The Beatles - Hello Goodbye065-Procol Harum - Homburg066-Cliff Richard - The Day I Met Marie067-The Kinks - Autumn Almanac068-Gene Pitney - Somethings Gotten Hold Of My Heart069-Pink Floyd - See Emily Play070-Allan Price Set - The House That Jack Built071-Lulu - The Boat That I Row072-Tom Jones - Funny Familiar Forgotten Feelings073-Paul Jones - I've Been A Bad Bad Boy074-Hermans Hermits - Theres A Kind Of A Hush075-Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick and Tich - O'kay076-Donovan - There Is A Mountain077-The Who - Happy Jack078-Jimi Hendrix - Hey Joe079-Cliff Richard - It's All Over080-New Vaudeville Band - Peek A Boo081-The Seekers - Morningtown Ride082-Tom Jones - I'm Coming Home083-Cliff Richard - All My Love084-The Rolling Stones - We Love You085-Tom Jones - Detroit City086-The Move - I Can Hear The Grass Grow087-Jimi Hendrix - The Wind Cries Mary088-The Seekers - When Will The Good Apples Fall089-The Four Tops - Bernardette090-Small Faces - Here Comes The Nice091-Topol - If I Were A Rich Man092-Bee Gees - World093-The Four Tops - Standing In The Shadows Of Love094-New Vaudeville Band - Finchley Central095-The Dubliners - Black Velvet Band096-Aretha Franklin - Respect097-Bobbie Gentry - Ode to Billy Joe098-Donovan - Mellow Yellow099-Jim Reeves - I Won't come In, While He's There100-Cat Stevens - I'm Gonna Get Me A Gun101-Petula Clark - Don't Sleep in the Subway102-Nancy Sinatra - Sugartown103-The Beach Boys - Heroes And Villains104-The Monkees - Daydream Believer105-The Mamas and the Papas - Creeque Alley106-The Who - I Can See For Miles107-The Turtles - Happy together108-Val Doonican - Memories Are Made Of This109-The Four Tops - Seven Rooms of Gloom110-Georgie Fame - Sitting In The Park111-Marvin Gaye & Kim Weston - It Takes Two112-The Monkees - Pleasant Valley Sunday (Single Version)113-Spencer Davis Group - I'm A Man114-The Troggs - Give It To Me115-The Troggs - Anyway That You Want Me116-Eric Burdon and The Animals - San Franciscan Night's117-Cliff Richard - In The Country118-Ken Dodd - Let Me Cry On Your Shoulder119-Donovan - Sunshine Superman120-Wayne Fontana - Pamela Pamela121-Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick and Tich - Save me122-Cream - I Feel Free123-Nancy Sinatra - You Only Live Twice124-Felice Taylor - I Feel Love Coming on125-Otis Redding - Tramp126-Scaffold - Thank You Very Much127-Lulu - Lets Pretend128-Cream - Strange Brew129-Sandie Shaw - You've Not Changed130-Simon Dupree and The Big Sound - Kites


Спасибо Пер (

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Shanti - Shanti (1971)

ashish khan, sarod
zakir hussein, tabla, dholak, naal
neil seidel, gtr
steve haehl, gtr, voc
steve leach, bs, voc
frank lupica, ds
pranesh khan, tabla, naal
mike aydelotte, songwriter
produced by richard bock

From San Francisco, this Californian-meets-India group played a very relaxed mystic blend of music, alternating instrumental cuts with vocal songs. Adding instruments such as sarod, dholak and tablas to their regular guitar/bass/drums line-up Shanti created an exotic, rootsy aura, never mind the spiritual lyrics. Zakir Hussain also played with Mickey Hart of the Grateful Dead on his Rolling Thunder album.
1 we want to be free
2 innocence
3 out of nowhere
4 lord i'm comin' round
5 good inside
6 shanti
7 i do believe
... it's a hippy rock band with added indian musicians and it's awesome. sunny, optimistic, east-west jam-band spiritual fusion i suppose. zakir hussein, of course, went on to play with mickey hart and john mclaughlin....
..this is great...tablas, sitars, dreamy vocals and electric guitar...pretty far out raga style jams..a real nice Sunday morning coming down kinda thing....thanks for this obscure gem...

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The Spencer Davis Group - Mulberry Bush (1967)


His ferocious soul-drenched vocals belying his tender teenage years, Stevie Winwood powered the Spencer Davis Group's three biggest U.S. hits during their brief life span as one of the British Invasion's most convincing R&B-based combos.Guitarist Davis formed the band with Winwood on organ, his brother Muff Winwood on bass, and drummer Peter York. Signing on with producer Chris Blackwell, the quartet got their first hit (the blistering "Keep on Running") from another of Blackwell's acts, West Indian performer Jackie Edwards. After topping the British charts in 1965, the song struggled on the lower reaches of the US Hot 100.The group's two hottest sellers were self-penned projects. "Gimme Some Lovin'" and "I'm a Man" were searing showcases for the adolescent Winwood's gritty vocals and blazing keyboards and the band's pounding rhythms. Although they burned up the charts even on the other side of the ocean in 1967, the quartet never capitalized on their fame with an American tour. At the height of their power, Winwood left to form Traffic, leaving Davis without his dynamic frontman. The bandleader focused on producing other acts, including a Canadian ensemble called the Downchild Blues Band during the early '80s.
01 - Time seller02 - Don't want you no more03 - Mr. second class04 - Sanity inspector05 - Taking out time06 - Every little thing07 - Virginals dreams08 - Looking back09 - Picture of her10 - Just like me11 - Possession12 - Morning sun13 - Feel your way
14 - Picture of her (Bonus)15 - Just like me (Bonus)16 - Possession (Bonus)

Herman's Hermits - Hold On (1966)

Herman's Hermits were one of those odd 1960's groups that accumulated millions of fans, but precious little respect. Indeed, their status is remarkably similar to that of the Monkees and it's not a coincidence that both groups' music was intended to appeal to younger teenagers. The difference is that as early as 1976, the Monkees began to be considered cool by people who really knew music; it has taken 35 years for Herman's Hermits to begin receiving higher regard for their work. Of course, that lack of respect had no relevance to their success: 20 singles lofted into the Top 40 in England and America between 1964 and 1970, 16 of them in the Top 20, and most of those Top Ten as well. Artistically, they were rated far lower than the Hollies, ... Read More...

01-Hold on02-The George And Dragon03-Got A Feeling04-Wild Love05-Leaning on a lamp post06-Where Were You When I Needed You07-All TheThings I Do For You Baby08-Gotta Get Away09-Make Me Happy10-A must to avoid
Reviewby Joe Viglione
More than another Herman's Hermits album with two hit songs, "Leaning on the Lamp Post" and "A Must to Avoid," this MGM soundtrack features the original version of "Where Were You When I Needed You," the first of 14 hits for the Grass Roots, which landed in the Top 30 four months after Peter Noone sang it. This version, like everything here, sounds very British Invasion, Mickey Most's production emulating early Beatles. Four of the tunes, including the title track "Hold On" and the hit "A Must to Avoid," were written by the team of Steve Bai and P.F. Sloan, the original pairing which helped launch the Grass Roots. This is the West Coast meeting the U.K. in a very pleasant way, and the combination is impressive. Five of the lesser tunes were penned by F. Kargor/B. Weisman/S. Wayne, including the best of that bunch, "Make Me Happy," sung by actress Shelley Fabares. Fabares hit with the song "Johnny Angel" in 1962, and this has that same pop feel. Credited as Shelley Fabares with Herman's Hermits, it is basically Fabares solo with the same backing musicians, presumably, that Noone utilized. Fabares was married for a time to Lou Adler, who was also involved with the Grass Roots, the forces at play creating a unique blend of pop styles for the soundtrack to this '60s film. Peter Noone injects more of that pop into "Where Were You When I Needed You," the thin guitar and boisterous backing vocals making for a great party cut, much different from the Grass Roots' hit. "Leaning on the Lamp Post" is not as strong as "A Must to Avoid," but was a genuine hit as well. No songwriter listed here, "Leaning on the Lamp Post" is credited to a songwriter named Gay on The Best of Herman's Hermits, Vol. 2, where it was reissued along with "A Must to Avoid" and the title track, "Hold On." A short but fun disc, and essential for the fans of Peter Noone.

The Hollies - Beat Group ! (1966) mono vinil rip


THE HOLLIES - Beat Group! (Rare 1966 US white title label promotional 'Audition Record' 11-track MONO LP
01 - I Can't Let Go02 - That's How Strong My Love Is03 - Running Through The Night04 - Oriental Sadness05 - A Taste Of Honey06 - Mr Moonlight07 - Don't You Even Care08 - Hard Hard Year09 - Take Your Time10 - Fifi The Flea11 - I Take What I Want

The Dave Clark Five - Collection



For a very brief time in 1964, it seemed that the biggest challenger to the Beatles' phenomenon was the Dave Clark Five. From the Tottenham area of London, the quintet had the fortune to knock "I Want to Hold Your Hand" off the top of the British charts with "Glad All Over," and were championed (for about 15 minutes) by the British press as the Beatles' most serious threat. They were the first British Invasion band to break in a big way in the States after the Beatles, though the Rolling Stones and others quickly supplanted the DC5 as the Fab Four's most serious rivals. The Dave Clark Five reached the Top 40 17 times between 1964 and 1967 with memorable hits like "Glad All Over," "Bits and Pieces," "Because," and a remake of ... Read More...


01 - Do You Love Me02 - I Can?t Stand It03 - On Broadway04 - Because05 - All Night Long06 - Whenever You're Around07 - When I'm Alone08 - Little Bitty Pretty One09 - I Love You No More10 - Don't Let Me Down11 - All Of The Time12 - Hurting Inside13 - Having a Wil Weekend14 - I Like It Like That15 - Reelin' And Rockin'16 - Glad All Over17 - Satisfied With You18 - Everybody Knows19 - Can't You See That She's Mine20 - Any Time You Want Love21 - Do You Still Love Me22 - Catch Us If You Can23 - Say You Want Me24 - I'll Never Know25 - Somebody Find a New Love26 - Any Way You Want It27 - Bits And Pieces28 - Sweet Memories29 - Over And Over30 - Don?t You Know31 - Try Too Hard32 - I Need You I Love You33 - Everybody Knows (I Still Love You)34 - Sha Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye


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Reg Presley - vocals (born Reginald Ball, June 12th 1943, Andover)Chris Britton - guitar (born June 21st 1945, Watford)Pete Staples - bass guitar (born May 3rd 1944, Andover)Ronnie Bond - drums (born Ronald Bullis, May 4th 1943, Andover, died November 13th 1992)
The Troggs had a quality which made the rawest R&B groups seem sophisticated. They combined a sort of rustic naivety with sexual power, an unlikely combination, but it worked. "Wild Thing" was a revelation, unsubtle guitar-work, nasal singing occasionally breaking into a whisper, and an ocarina solo.The Troglodytes were formed in Andover, Hampshire in 1964. They were discovered by the Kinks' manager Larry Page, and it was at his suggestion that the name was shortened to The Troggs when the band won a recording contract.Although the first release sank without trace, the second, Chip Taylor's "Wild Thing", was a primeval three-chord monster which became a multi-million selling world-wide hit and remains one of the seminal records in the history of rock music.The follow-up "With A Girl Like You" fared even better - reaching the top spot in August '66. The third hit, !I Can't Control Myself", ran into trouble from some radio stations around the world for its overt sexual content.Most of their hits were written by Reg Presley, but ultimately, they proved unable to develop musically and fell from favour with the record buying public.A line-up of The Troggs is still together today, touring and occasionally making albums.
This set collects the half-dozen or so EPs that the Troggs released for Fontana Records during their peak commercial run in the mid- to late '60s, and while the group's biggest hits are here, including their signature caveman stomper "Wild Thing" (written by Chip Taylor and featuring an improbable ocarina solo), the pop gem "With a Girl Like You." and the breezy ballad "Love Is All Around," what makes this compilation interesting are the various other tracks that either show the Troggs trying to replicate their biggest successes by cloning them under the guise of a new song or truly stretching into different territory (the opening track, "Oh No," which features a distinct Byrds-like jangle, is a good example of the latter). Lead singer Reg Presley's vocals range from sneering to sweet, mellow, and flowery, depending on the song, but what emerges here is the fact that the Troggs, although they had a proto-punk image thanks to the 1966 success of "Wild Thing," were really a power pop band specializing in pretty ballads, and they were quite good at it. ~ Steve Leggett, All Music Guide
1. Oh No
2. You're Lying
3. The Yella In Me
4. From Home
5. With A Girl Like You
6. I Want You
7. Jingle Jangle
8. Our Love Will Still Be There
9. I Can't Control Myself
10. Gonna Make You
11. Anyway That You Want Me
12. 66-5-4-3-2-1
13. Give It To Me
14. I Can Only Give You Everything
15. You Can't Beat It
16. Night Of The Long Grass
17. Girl In Black
18. Love Is All Around
19. Hi Hi Hazel
20. Little Girl
21. Cousin Jane
22. Wild Thing

UNIT 4+2 - Concrete and Clay/Unit 4+2 (1965) 2 in1 mono


by Bruce Eder

Unit 4+2 was a one-hit wonder that probably deserved better. As one of the better acoustic-electric bands of the mid-'60s, the group stormed the charts with one memorable hit, "Concrete and Clay," scoring on both sides of the Atlantic, but they were never able to come up with a follow-up that was as catchy.The group originated with guitarist Brian Parker and an instrumental band from Hertfordshire called the Hunters, who recorded for the Fontana label in 1961. Parker left the Hunters in early 1962 and joined Adam Faith's backing band the Roulettes. He didn't stay long with the latter band, preferring to put together a group of his own with the emphasis on vocals. Parker... Read More...
1.Concrete and Clay2.Sorrow and Pain3.Couldn't Keep It to Myself4.You'll Remember5.Cotton Fields6.500 Miles7.La Bamba8.You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin'9.Swing Downd Chariot10.Wild is the Wind11.The Girl from New York City12.Cross a Million Mountains13.Butterfly14.I Will15.Face in My Head16.3.3017.Too Fast Too Slow18.Something I Can Believe in19.(Living in) the World of Broken Hearts20.Loving Takes a Little Understanding21.Booby Trap22.I Can't Stop23.You Ain't Going Nowhere24.(You've Never) Been in Love Like This Before25.Baby Never Say Goodbye26.For a Moment27.Fables28.The Green Fields29.I Won't Let You Down
This 29-track CD combines the contents of both Decca Records LPs by the Hertfordshire, England sextet, plus seven additional tracks that were never on either of their albums. The result is a somewhat uneven collection that is melodious enough at various times but often lacking in excitement and drive. The group treads a fine line between delicacy and blandness as they go through various originals, spiced by covers of such familiar fare as "You've Lost That Loving Feeling," "Cotton Fields," "500 Miles," and "La Bamba." Their elegant vocal textures can be startling and even revelatory, as on their cover of the then-new Bob Dylan song "You Ain't Goin' Nowhere." They got better as they went along, but they were never able to come up with a song to match the attractiveness of "Concrete and Clay," from their own pens or in the form of covers of other authors' work. Their legacy, presented virtually in full here, is a body of soft acoustic pop/rock that's only interesting enough to sustain itself about half the time. The remastering is superior to the sound on Decca's vinyl collections of their material from the late 1970s, although — for reasons that are unclear — apparently everything that the group ever recorded, even as late as 1967, was issued in mono only.

Hu And The Hilltops - I'll Follow You(1966)


VERY interesting and
unknowed group from Holland and from sixties ... Group, anyway having relationship with their more known countrymans :Livin' Blues , Shocking Blue and ect.
Enjoy !!!
1. HU and THE HILLTOPS - I'll Follow You 2'502. HU and THE HILLTOPS - I'ts All Over 5'123. HU and THE HILLTOPS - Something You Got 2'504. HU and THE HILLTOPS - Let It Ride 2'115. HU and THE HILLTOPS - Elly May 2'546. HU and THE HILLTOPS - Can't You Hear Me 2'147. HU and THE HILLTOPS - Better Off Alone 2'468. HU and THE HILLTOPS - You Got What It Takes 2'329. HU and THE HILLTOPS - For Your Love 4'4810. HU and THE HILLTOPS - Get Out Of My Life Woman 3'3011. HU and THE HILLTOPS - I Got You (I Feel Good) 2'56

The Innocents - The Complete Indigo Recordings

by Andrew Hamilton

The Innocents — James West (lead), Al Candelaria (bass), and Darron Stankey (tenor/guitarist) — were a smooth harmonizing West Coast pop group from San Fernando Valley CA, whose most successful record was accompanying Kathy Young as Kathy Young & the Innocents on "A Thousand Smiles" (1960 Indigo Records, number three pop/number six R&B). Kathy Young was the ripe old age of 15 at the time. The trio were friends and members of a local car club name "The Innocents." The artists met at Wink Martindale's local television dance show, where the Innocents were lip-syncing their current single; Indigo producer Jim Lee suggested they record together after talking to ... Read More...
1 Gee Whiz Thomas, Vikki 2:29 2 Please Mr. Sun Frank, Getzov 3:18 3 Walking Along Weiss, Willis 1:40 4 Once in a While Edwards, Green 3:23 5 Pain in My Heart Funches, Junior 2:41 6 Chiquita Candelaria, Stankey, West 2:02 7 The Girl in My Dreams Davis, Josea, Ling, Taub 2:38 8 Because I Love You Heiss 2:12 9 Sleeping Beauty 2:00 10 Donna Valens 2:44 11 Kathy Lee 2:42 12 My Baby Hully Gullys Candelaria, Stankey, West 2:05 13 Honest I Do Candelaria, Stankey, West 2:32 14 Beware Belvin 3:07 15 I'm a Hog for You Leiber, Stoller 1:59 16 When I Became a Man Coggin 2:28 17 Two Young Hearts 3:05 18 Dee Dee Di Oh 2:11 19 I Believe in You Durden, Durdens, Kahal 2:58 20 It Was a Tear Oliver 2:43 21 You Got Me Going Sanders 2:44 22 Little Blue Star 3:01 23 I Know a Valley 3:08 24 Time Makes You Change McGill 2:13 25 In the Beginning Candelaria, Stankey, West 2:21
This 25-song CD showcases the sweet harmony trio's smooth, relaxing sound and golden pipes. At times they sound like the Fleetwoods without the female. The West Coast warblers' biggest record, "A Thousand Stars," featured them accompanying Kathy Young as Kathy Young & the Innocents (not included). Ace Records, however, does cover all of their recordings as the Innocents, including their first Top 40 entry, "Honest I Do," and their second, "Gee Whiz" (not the Carla Thomas song), their chart misses, and many unreleased sides; some, while immensely charming, don't seem quite finished. Doo wop fans might want to sample before buying, but lovers of mellow West Coast pop can purchase this without any worries of buyers' remorse.

The Lollipop Shoppe - Just Colour (1968)

Led by singer Fred Cole, who had formerly been in the Northwest punk band the Weeds, the Lollipop Shoppe's sole album (from 1968) ranks as one of the better psych-punk LPs, and also as one of the better one-shot rock records of the late '60s. Featuring Cole's choked, bitter phrasing, the group staked out the middle ground between the Seeds (who shared the same manager) and Love, with a bit of fellow L.A. psych-punkers the Music Machine thrown in. If comparisons must be made, they were definitely closer in tone to Love than the Seeds, with a mixture of raunch and reflection in the spirit of Arthur Lee. Cole was one of the few psychedelic performers to make a contribution during the punk era, surfacing in the Portland punk band the Rats in the late '70s
01 - You Must Be A Witch02 - Underground Railroad03 - Baby Don't Go04 - Who'll Read The Will05 - It's Only A Reflection06 - Don't Look Back07 - Don't Close The Door On Me08 - It Ain't How Long09 - It's Makin' It10 - I'm Gonna Be There11 - You Don't Give Me No More12 - Sin13 - Someone I Know14 - Through My Window15 - Mr. Madison Avenue16 - Who's It Gonna Be
"You Must Be a Witch" by the Lollipop Shoppe was one of the most ferocious garage punk singles of the 1960s, a savage blast of paranoia and electric guitar that became a sought-after collectable among garage fanatics and one of the high points of the Nuggets box set. The tune was powerful enough that one had to wonder how a group so fierce would come up with a name as silly as the Lollipop Shoppe, and the truth is they didn't: they were known as the Weeds until their manager scored them a deal with Uni Records, who found their original moniker too outrй (the marijuana reference didn't help) and saddled them something a bit more "mod." The Lollipop Shoppe cut just one album, 1967's Just Colour, and "You Must Be a Witch" is easily the most hard-edged cut on the record, but if the Lollipop Shoppe don't hit quite as hard on the other 11 tunes, the material is strong enough to impress any fan of vintage garage or psychedelia. Fred Cole's vocals boast an emotional urgency and force that set him far apart from most of his contemporaries, and the band's blend of garage rock thunder, folk-rock melodies, and psychedelic introspection puts this in the same league as Love and the 13th Floor Elevators. Within a year of releasing Just Colour, the Lollipop Shoppe were history, and years later Cole went on to front one of the finest bands in the garage punk underground, Dead Moon; this album offers a powerful early confirmation of his talents, and if Cole's music got leaner and more muscular with time, he'd already learned how to play rock & roll that was as urgent and heartfelt as anything you're likely to encounter.
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