Thursday, April 9, 2009

Group 1850 - Agemo´s trip to mother earth (1968 ) Holland



Group 1850 (tracks 01-16):

Peter Sjardin - guitar, flute, keyboardsDaniël Van Bergen - guitarRuud Van Buren - bassRob De Rijke - bass, flute (tracks 08-11)Beer Klaasse - drums

Agemo's Trip to Mother Earth was one of the most ambitious psychedelic albums to emerge from continental Europe in the late '60s. The LP's nominal concept was, like many early such endeavors, obscure, involving something like the journey of Agemo from a paradise-like planet to the more chaotic imperfection of Earth. Musically, the record owes a lot to late-'60s British psychedelia (particularly of the Pink Floyd school), with hints of the onset of progressive rock in its less-conventional passages. Although plenty of melodic shifts, celestial organ, wiggling distorted guitar, harmony vocals, Gregorian chant-like singing, Mothers of Invention-like horns, beatific respites (on "Reborn"), and general freakiness entertainingly convey the exploration of new psychic territory, it ultimately lacks the lyrical and musical cogency of, say, late-'60s Pink Floyd. At times the bold weirdness gets self-indulgent, throwing in phased drum soloing, solemnly intoned spoken female romantic exclamations, and multilingual murmuring. The album was reissued, in its original sequence and its entirety, as part of the Group 1850 CD compilation 1967-1968.

Guest appearance:

Hans Van Hemert - vocals (track 12)Group 1850 (tracks 17-20):Peter Sjardin - guitar, flute, keyboardsDaniël Van Bergen - guitarDave Duba - guitarDolf Geldof - bassMartin Van Duynhoven - drums


1.Steel Sings2.Little Fly3.I Put My Hand On Your Shoulder4.You Did It Too Hard5.A Point In This Life6.Refound7.Reborn

8.Misty Night9.Look Around10.I Want More11.I Know (La Pensée)12.Mother No-Head
13.Ever Ever Green14.Zero15.Frozen Mind16.We Love Live (Like We Love You)17.Fire18.Have You Ever Heard19.1000 Years Before20.Dream Of The Future


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