Thursday, May 21, 2009

Downliners Sect - The Sect & The Rock Sects In (1964;1966)


by Richie Unterberger
Of all the British R&B bands to follow the Rolling Stones' footsteps, the Downliners Sect were arguably the rawest. The Sect didn't as much interpret the sound of Chess Records as attack it, with a finesse that made the Pretty Things seem positively suave in comparison. Long on crude energy and hoarse vocals, but short on originality and songwriting talent, the band never had a British hit, although they had some sizable singles in other European countries. Despite their lack of commercial success or appeal, the band managed to record three albums and various EPs and singles between 1963 and 1966, with detours into country-rock and an EP of death-rock tunes. Although they recorded afterwards, it is the Sect's early work that continues to attract connoisseurs of '60s garage and punk
1.: Little Egypt
2.: Hurt By Love
3.: One Ugly Child
4.: Lonely And Blue
5.: Our Little Rendezvous
6.: Guitar Boogie
7.: Too Much Monkey Business
8.: Sect Appeal
9.: Baby What's On Your Mind
10.: Cops And Robbers
11.: Easy Rider
12.: Bloodhound
13.: Bright Lights
14.: I Wanna Put A Tiger In Your Tank
15.: Be A Sect Maniac
16.: Hang On Sloopy
17.: Fortune Teller
18.: Hey Hey Hey Hey
19.: Everything I've Got To Give
20.: Outside
21.: I'm Hooked On You
22.: Comin' Home Baby
23.: Why Don't You Smile Now
24.: May The Bird Of Paradise Fly Up Your Nose
25.: He Was A Square
26.: I'm Looking For A Woman
27.: Rock Sect's In Again
28.: Brand New Cadillac
29.: Brand New Cadillac
In 1999, See for Miles released The Sect/The Rock Sect's In, which contained two complete albums — The Sect (1964, originally released on Columbia) and The Rock Sect's In (1966, originally released on Columbia) — by the Downliners Sect on one compact disc.
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