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Hungaria - Koncert A Marson - (1970) Hungary

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Cult Hungarian rock band, Hungaria was founded in 1967. Original line-up: Miklos Fenyo (vocals, keyboards), Peter Csomos (guitar, vocals), Miklos Matlakovszky (guitar), Laszlo Klein (bass), Peter Lang (sax), Jozsef Toth (drums).1969 saw first personnel change with Matlakovszky, Klein and Land leaving, and Tamas Barta (guitar) and Peter Sipos (bass, vocals) coming in. First two LPs both achieved gold status at the time of release and now considered vintage Hungarian classic rock albums. Barta left in 1971 to become a founding member of Locomotiv GT (->) – a Hungarian concert 1976Hungaria spent most of the 70s touring across the Europe (USSR, Poland, East and West Germany, Spain). Released an album worth of Beatles’ covers in 1978. 80s’ albums were all marked with rock’n’roll revival idiom.Hungaria went through many personnel changes with Fenyo remaining the only permanent member and other musicians coming and going:
Zoltan Kekes (guitar, vocals, 1972-1980), Gabor Antal Szucs (guitar, 1971, then – Skorpio ->), Laszlo Klein (bass, returned briefly in 1971), Peter Sipos (bass, 1972-1980), Gyula Fekete (sax, 1972-1985), Gabor Fekete (drums, 1971, then - Skorpio), Robert Szikora (drums, vocals, 1972-1982), Dolly (vocals, 1980-1985, then - Dolly Roll), Flipper Ocsi (vocals, 1980-1985, then - Dolly Roll, Step), Zoltan Kekes (guitar, 1980-1985, then Dolly Roll), Deddy Zsoldos (1982-85, drums, then - Dolly Roll)Band folded in 1985. Fenyo continued as solo artist, while the others formed Dolly Roll.Discography:‘Koncert a Marson’ (1970)‘Tuzveszelyes, Hungaria’ (1971)‘Beatles Laz’ (1978)‘Rock’n Roll Party’ (1980)‘Hotel Menthol’ (1981)‘Arena’ (1982)‘Finale?’(1983)‘Reg volt, igy volt’ (1985)‘Van aki forron szereti’ (1985)‘Aranyalbum’ (1985)
01 - Koncert a Marson02 - Marvany (Csak o tud mindenrol talan)03 - Mese04 - Belvaros05 - A babonas lany06 - A regi filmek mozija07 - Hej, Rolli, Rolli08 - Szivarvany09 - Elol ul a masiniszta10 - Szegeny fuzfa11 - Es en csak eneklek12 - Vegallomas
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