Saturday, May 30, 2009

Message - The Dawn Anew Is Coming (1971)

Line-up / Musicians
- Allan Freeman / synthesizers, vocals
- Gunther Klinger / drums
- Tom McGuigan / vocals, woodwinds, synthesizers, Mellotron
- Allan Murdoch / guitar- Gerhard Schaber / percussion
- Horst Stachelhaus / bass - Billy Tabbert / guitar, vocals
Message biographyOriginally born as a German-British band, the music of MESSAGE oscillates between a substantial heavy rock and a nice folk rock articulated around a range of keyboards arrangements. Their first album was recorded under the direction of the famous musical engineer Dieter Dierks. The result sounds remarkably as British progressive rock of the moment. Very melodic, with a ravishing and an accomplished lyrical sense of composition. Their following album is as great as the previous one, delivering impressive, extended, mainly instrumental heavy/ space rock tracks which can be compared (in some parts) to NEKTAR's first effort. Their two last albums released in 1975/76 were directed to more mainstream, conventional and easy listening heavy rock music. Very accessible records, sometimes including jazzy ingredients, the band abandoned their complex, sophisticated and original progressive rock. In search of a commercial response, they finally failed to convince the public.: : : Philippe Blache : : :
Songs / Tracks Listing
1. Changes (3:35) 2. The Dawn A New Is Coming (8:35) 3. Evil Faith and Charity (3:55) 4. Heaven Knows (9:42) 5. When I'm Home (7:40)
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