Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Terry Reid - Super Lungs (1966-69) The Complete Studio Recordings

Terry Reid could have been a lot more famous if he had been able to accept the slot of lead singer for the New Yardbirds in 1968. That slot, of course, went to Robert Plant, and the New Yardbirds became Led Zeppelin. Unlike Plant, Reid was also a guitarist, and the opportunity to head his own group no doubt played a part in his decision to gun for a solo career. Leading a guitar-organ-drums power trio, he recorded a couple of respectable, though erratic, hard rock albums while still a teenager in the late '60s. Some bad breaks and creative stagnation combined to virtually bring his career to a halt, and he never cashed in on the momentum of his promising start.<... Read More...

If one were to describe a band that was mix of folk, blues, metal, pure rock & roll, a fiery guitar attack, and a set of super lungs, one could easily think one was talking about one of the greatest rock’n’roll groups of all time - Led Zeppelin. That description however is reserved for just one man, Terry Reid, an artist whose immense vocal and songwriting talents led him to be Jimmy Page’s first choice as lead singer in Led Zeppelin. Forced to turn down Page's offer due to a contractual impasse, Reid quietly became the unsung architect of Led Zeppelin by leading Page to both Robert Plant and John Bonham. (


01 - It's Gonna Be Morning02 - I'll Take Good Care Of You (Second Version)03 - Funny How Time Slips Away (Second Version)04 - Just Walk In My Shoes05 - The Hand Don't Fit The Glove (Single A Side)06 - Time Time (Single B Side)07 - Better By Far08 - Fires AliveBANG, BANG YOU'RE TERRY REID09 - Bang, Bang(My Baby Shot Me Down)10 - Tinker Taylor11 - Erica12 - Without Expression13 - Sweater14 - Something's Gotten Hold Of My Heart 15 - Season Of The Witch16 - Writing On The Wall17 - When I Get Home18 - Loving TimeBONUS TRACK19 - Without Expression(2003 Mix)

01 - Superlungs My Supergirl 02 - Silver White Light03 - July04 - Marking Time05 - Stay With Me Baby06 - Highway 61 Revisited-Friends-Highway 61 Revisited07 - May Fly08 - Speak Now Or Forever Hold Your Peace09 - Rich Kid Blues10 - Highway 61 Revisited(2003 Remix)BONUS TRACKS11 - Ain't That Peculiar12 - I've Got News For You13 - Summer Sequence14 - Zodiac Blues15 - Penny16 - Rich Old Lady


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