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The Tremeloes - Suddenly You Love Me (67-70)

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Alan Blakely — born Alan David Blakely, 1 April 1942, in Bromley, Kent. Died on 10 June 1996 — Rhythm Guitarist / Keyboards / Vocalist.Ricky West - born Richard Charles Westwood, on 7 May 1943, in Dagenham, Essex — Lead Guitarist / Vocalist.Alan Howard — born 17 October 1941, in Dagenham, Essex — Bassist / Vocalist (up to 1966).Chip Hawkes — born Leonard Donald Hawkes, 2 November 1945 in Shepherd's Bush, West London — Bassist / Vocalist (from 1965).Dave Munden — born David Charles Munden, 2 December 1943, in Dagenham, Essex — Drummer / Vocalist.
Biographyby Bruce EderIt's difficult for anyone who has heard them not to like — or even love — the Tremeloes. They were one of the more prodigiously talented British pop/rock bands of the '60s, and they threw that talent into making amazingly catchy and well-crafted singles that lit up the charts and radio on both sides of the Atlantic for four years running, from 1966 through 1970. Yet, the Tremeloes are also one of the least-known and least-respected of '60s English bands. The precise reason for the lack of respect is difficult to pin down, except perhaps that their timing was off, as far as making the most of their success. They generally didn't write their own material and they cut their best singles long after the British Invasion (and the mystique surrounding the bands that ... Read More...
1. Suddenly You Love Me (Callander/Pace/Panzeri/Pilat) 2.43
2. Happy Song (Pattison/Hawkshaw) 2.59
3. Running Out (Simpson/Ashford) 2.12
4. Negotiations In Soho Square (Colton/Smith) 3.00
5. Suddenly Winter (Blakley/Hawkes) 2.23
6. Sunshine Games (Woolfson) I.S5
?. Silence Is Golden (Gaudio/Crewe) 3.08
8. Norman Stanley James St. Claire (Pattison/Hawkshaw) 2.41
9. Cool Jerk (Storball) 2,45
10. I'm With You All The Way (Colton/Smith) 2.45
11. Sing Sorta Swingle (Blakley/Hawkes) 2.14
12. Too Many Fish In The Sea (Wickfield/Holland) 3.00
13. Come On Home (O'Sullivan) 2.57
14. Show Me (Tex) 3.09
15. I Take What I Want (Porter/Hodses/Hayes) 2.05
16. Reach Out I'll Be There (Holland/Dozier/Holland) 3.05
17. You Don't Know Like I Know (Porter/Hayes) 2.37
Track 14-17 are taken from the American version ol the second album. Epic BN 26363/1967
18. I'm Gonna Try (Del Turco/Bisazzi) 2.38 Single A-side, CBS 3706/1968
19. Be Mine (Ferrari/Moschini/Pallavincini/Sorrenti/Smith) 2.20 Single A-side. CBS 3043/1967
20. Gentleman Of Pleasure (Blakley/Hawkes/Westwood) 2.36 Single B-side. CBS 2519/1967
21. Let Your Hair Hang Down (Blakley/Hawkes) 2.29 Single B-side, CBS 2723/1967
22. As You Are (Murray/Callander) 2.45 Single B-side. CBS 3234/1968
23. All The World To Me (Blakley/Hawkes) 2.40 Single B-side. CBS 3680/1968
24. Jenny's Allright (Blakley/Hawkes) 2.24 Single B-side. CBS 2930/1967
25. No Comprendes (Christie/Gale) 2.35 Single A-side.CBS 5110/1970.Christie's ..Yellow River"sung in Spanish language. released in Spain only as a single
26. Suddenly You Love Me. Stereo-Mix (Callander/Pace/Panzeri/Pilat) 2.43Taken from the American album Epic BN 26365/1967Additional tracks research and compilation by Willried Zinzow
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