Friday, June 12, 2009

Jokers Wild - Jokers Wild (1965)

John Gordon (guitar)
Clive Welham (drums)
Dave Gilmour (guitar)  - left
David Altham (vocals)
Tony Sainty (bass)
Jokers Wild (David Gilmour) - Jokers Wild 1965
David Gilmore, before getting into Pink Floyd in 1968, began to play in the Cambridge group of Jokers Wild. The group existed from 1964 to 1966., Managed to produce only a single disc in 1965 This is 11 minutes released in the form of one-sided LP.
"...Jokers Wild never made an official record, but are remembered as a band that included David Gilmour before the guitarist joined Pink Floyd. From the scant evidence that does survive, it seems rather incredible that Gilmour could have made the transition. Jokers Wild did not entertain lofty artistic ambitions, but played covers of pop-rock material, often emphasizing harmonies in the style of the Four Seasons and the Beach Boys..."

01 — Why Do Fools Fall In Love
02 — Walk Like A Man
03 — Don't Ask Me (What I Say)
04 — Big Girls Don't Cry
05 — Beautiful Delilah
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