Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Rajahs - Australia's Beatles (1964-66)

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Dig Richards and the R'Jays played an important role in the early days of Australian rock and went on to support a huge range of Australian acts during the early sixties. Originally called the Red Jeans, the band started out as a loose collection of hopefuls around teenage guitarist Jon Hayton. Joined by good looking singer and front man Digby 'Dig' Richards, - who they recruited when they heard him singing as he worked at Waltons Department store - they changed their name to Dig Richards and the R'Jays, expecting their red jeans to go out of fashion)... Read More ...


The Rajahs - Australia's Beatles

01 Kiss Me Now
02 You'll Get Over It
03 I Like The Look Of You
04 I Want To Hold Your Hand
05 I Saw Her Standing There
06 I'm Telling You Now
07 Can You Keep A Secret
08 Lucille.mp3
09 Roll Over Beethoven
10 Midnight Stage
11 Oh!
12 Let Me Tell Ya About A Guy
13 It Won't Be Long
14 Can't You See That She's Mine
15 Cathy's Clown.mp3
16 Goin' Steady.
17 Never Leave Me 
18 Shout (1964-Pts. 1 & 2) (with Johnny O'Keefe

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