Saturday, August 29, 2009

Frank Furt - Kut and Peist Cut N Paste Beatles (1983)

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What do you get if you team up a British born Beatles influenced guitarist and songwriter with a German drummer and one-time hip hop producer in Frankfurt, Germany? You get “Frank Furt Cut `n`Paste”. Whatґd happen if they got together with two other members of Richard Kerstenґs one time baby (and first Beatles tribute band in the world ):”The Beatles Revival Band” and produced a CD of Beatles influenced songs? Youґd get “Beatles Kut дnd Peiste” Richard Kersten and Marcus Darius have created a unique and strange combination of sixties music adventurism and modern sampling elements. From straight ahead pop songs like “Sipping Lemonade in the Sunshine” and “Picture on my Wall”, which might have appeared on an early sixties album, the music wanders through Indian influences, past psychodelically influenced “ Itґs Been A Long Time” or “Flow Down Stream”, to reflections on leaving home, built into a mini opera on “Time To Go” “Some Day” could have been a Music Hall favourite in another age, while “Song From Your Heart” reminds of sixties calls for peace ”. All of these songs are however obviously coloured by the possibilties of the modern, computer- based studio. Frank Furt Cutґn Paste` continue this magpie approach to songwriting and have a huge catalogue of pop songs which reflect a wide range of music styles from the present and the past.The team now have a new member who grew up on a diet of Nirvana and eighties styles. Come and visit us at (
01 - Sipping Lemonade In The Sunshine
02 - Flow Down Stream
03 - Imagine Angels In The Sky
04 - It All Equals In The End
05 - Don't Care 'cause I Love You
06 - Picture On My Wall
07 - Song From Your Heart
08 - Someday
09 - Just Like Me
10 - Time To Go
11 - It's Been A Long Time
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