Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Phil May & The Fallen Angels - Fallen Angels (1978)

When the Pretty Things were put on temporary hold during the late 70 `s . Phil May, Wally Allen and John Povey teamed up with Mickey Finn (ex.Humble Pie) in the Fallen Angels. A highly volatile band, personnel changes saw Brain Johnston (ex. Streetwalkers), session guitarist Bill Lovelady, Chico Greenwood (ex.Moonrider), Fran Byrne (ex.Ace) and Ed Deane (ex.Frankie Miller Band) pass through their ranks. Originally released in Holland in 1978, their eponymously-titled album has long been a big collectors 'record among Pretty Things' aficianados!
1. Fallen Angels
2. California
3. 13 1/2 Floor Suicide
4. Dance Again
5. Shine On Baby
6. My Good Friend
7. Cold Wind
8. I Keep On
9. Dogs Of War
10. Girl Like You
11. When The Russians Come Back - (bonus track)
12. Chance - (bonus track)
13. Lazy Days - (bonus track)

Appears to be the only Phil May (Pretty Things vocalist) solo effort, recorded in 1978. Not bad, really. Features some well written songs + decent over all playing. Was never even aware of this long-forgotten title until here very recently. Tunes I thought showed some promise were "California", the dramatic "13 1/2 Floor Suicide", the beautifully played "Dance Again", "I Keep On" and "Girl Like You". Line-up: Phil May-vocals, John Porter & Ed Dean-guitars, fellow Pretty Things member Walley Waller-bass & vocals and Chico Greenwood-drums. Do check it out.=Mike Reed
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