Monday, August 17, 2009

The Fifth Avenue Band- Fifth Avenue Band (1969)

A lost late 60s gem from Reprise Records -- the only album ever recorded by this young band from the Greenwich Village scene! 
There's a great post-folk feel to the set -- warm harmonies and a bit of acoustic instrumentation to show the influence of the earlier generation -- but a bit more focus on the tunes overall, and a subtle dose of soul that's really nice. Jon Lind is the lead vocalist, and he's totally great -- with almost a Rascals-like approach to his music, especially when harmonizing with Peter Gallway, the other vocalist in the group. Instrumentation includes acoustic and electric guitar, keyboards, and even a bit of flute -- and the tracks include the incredible "Eden Rock" -- a sweetly tripping number that easily rivals Kenny Rankin's best work! 
Other tracks include "Good Lady Of Toronto", "Fast Freight", "Country Time Rhymes", "Calamity Jane", "Faithful Be Fair", "Angel", "In Hollywood", and "Cockeyed Shame".


  1. Fast Freight 3:39 
  2. One Way Or The Other 2:27 
  3. Good Lady Of Toronto 4:02 
  4. Eden Rock 2:29 
  5. Country Time Rhymes 3:44 
  6. Calamity Jane 2:48 
  7. Nice Folks 2:26 
  8. Cockeyed Shame 2:46  
  9. Faithful Be Fair 4:08  
  10. In Hollywood 3:27 
  11. Angel 

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