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Jimmy Page And His Heavy Friends - Hip Young Guitar Slinger


Before reaching Rock God status with Led Zeppelin, Jimmy Page (James Patrick Page) was the ultimate Session Man, writing, producing and playing on dozens of records. This double-CD set traces his work from humble beginnings as a teenager in the early 60s through to his in-house work at Immediate Records and onto jams in his front room with other would-be legends of the electric guitar like Eric Clapton and Jeff Beck.

Hip Young Guitar Slinger is a compilation of Jimmy Page's pre-Led Zeppelin studio sessions, recorded between 1962 and 1966.
It is not certain whether Page actually played on every track. For instance, the history section of the Lancastrians' official website specifically states that he did not play on "We'll Sing in the Sunshine" – although he did play on the B-side, "Was She Tall".
Disc 1
1. Carter-Lewis and The Southerners - Who Told You?
2. Gregory Phillips - Angie
3. Gregory Phillips - Please Believe Me
4. Carter-Lewis and The Southerners - Somebody Told My Girl
5. Carter-Lewis and The Southerners - Skinny Minnie
6. Wayne Gibson and Dynamic Sounds - Kelly
7. Wayne Gibson and Dynamic Sounds - See You Later, Alligator
8. The Kinks - Revenge
9. The Kinks - Bald-Headed Woman
10. The First Gear - A Certain Girl
11. The First Gear - Leave My Kitten Alone
12. The Primitives - Help Me
13. The Primitives - Let Them Talk
14. The Lancastrians - We'll Sing In The Sunshine
15. The Lancastrians - Was She Tall
16. The Primitives - You Said
17. The Primitives - How Do You Feel
18. The First Gear - The "In" Crowd
19. The First Gear - Gotta Make Their Future Bright
20. The Fifth Avenue - The Bells Of Rhymney
21. The Fifth Avenue - Just Like Anyone Would Do
22. Nico - I'm Not Saying (Germany)
23. Nico - The Last Mile (Germany)
24. Gregory Phillips - Down In The Boondocks
25. Gregory Phillips - That's The One
26. The Masterminds - She Belongs To Me
27. The Masterminds - Taken My Love
Disc 2
1. John Mayall's Bluesbreakers - I'm Your Witchdoctor
2. John Mayall's Bluesbreakers - Telephone Blues
3. John Mayall and The Bluesbreakers With Eric Clapton - On Top Of The World
4. Les Fleur De Lys - Moondreams
5. Les Fleur De Lys - Wait For Me
6. The Lancastrians - The World Keeps Going Round
7. The Lancastrians - Not The Same Anymore
8. The Factotums - Can't Go Home Anymore My Love
9. Les Fleur De Lys - Circles
10. Les Fleur De Lys - So Come On
11. Twice As Much - Sittin' On A Fence
12. Twice As Much - Step Out Of Line
13. Chris Farlowe - Moanin'
14. Eric Clapton and Jimmy Page - Choker
15. Eric Clapton and Jimmy Page - Freight Loader
16. Eric Clapton and Jimmy Page - Miles Road
17. Eric Clapton and Jimmy Page - Draggin' My Tail
18. All Stars Featuring Jimmy Page - L.A. Breakdown
19. All Stars Featuring Jimmy Page - Down In The Boots
20. Eric Clapton - Snake Drive
21. Eric Clapton - West Coast Idea
22. Eric Clapton - Tribute To Elmore
23. The All Stars With Jeff Beck - Chuckles
24. The All Stars With Jeff Beck - Steelin'
25. The All Stars With Nicky Hopkins - Piano Shuffle
26. Cyril Davies and The All Stars - Not Fade Away
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