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Bee Gees - First Recording 1963-1967 Vol.1



Early years

The elder Gibb brothers were born on the Isle of Man, but the family returned to father Hugh Gibb's home town of Chorlton cum Hardy, Manchester, England, in the early 1950s where the boys began to sing in harmony. On one occasion, the boys were going to lip sync to a record in the local Gaumont cinema (as other children had done on previous weeks), but as they were running to get there Maurice dropped the record and it broke. Now having no record, the brothers sang live and received such a positive response from the audience that they decided to pursue a singing career.

In 1958, the Gibb family, including infant brother Andy (born 5 March 1958 in Manchester, England), emigrated to Redcliffe in Queensland, Australia. The still very young brothers began performing where they could to raise pocket change. First called the Rattlesnakes, later Wee Johnny Hayes & the Bluecats, they were introduced to radio DJ Bill Gates by racetrack promoter Bill Goode (who saw them perform at Brisbane's Speedway Circuit). Gates renamed them the "Bee Gees" after his and Goode's initials – thus the name was not specifically a reference to "Brothers Gibb", despite popular belief.[5][6]

By 1960, the Bee Gees were featured on television shows, and in the next few years began working regularly at resorts on the Queensland coast. Barry drew the attention of Australian star Col Joye for his songwriting, and Joye helped the boys get a record deal with Festival Records in 1963 under the name "Bee Gees." The three released two or three singles a year, while Barry supplied additional songs to other Australian artists.

A minor hit in 1965, "Wine and Women", led to the group's first LP The Bee Gees Sing and Play 14 Barry Gibb Songs. By late 1966, the brothers decided to return to England, while the rest of their family stayed in Australia. They were not confident, however, of success in England as Barry told a friend, Steven Spence, later of Lloyds World, that they would be back next year.[citation needed] While at sea in January, 1967, they heard that "Spicks and Specks", a #1 hit in October 1966 had been awarded Best Single of the Year by Go-Set, Australia's most popular and influential music newspaper.


1 - Little Miss Rhythm & Blues
2 - The Battle Of The Blue And Grey
3 - Three Kisses Of Love
4 - Timber
5 - Take A Hold Of That Star
6 - Don´t Say Goodbye
7 - Peace Of Mind
8 - Claustrophobia
9 - Could It Be
10 - Turn Around And Lool At Me
11 - Theme From Jamie Mc Pheeters
12 - Everyday I Have To Cry
13 - You Wouldn´t Know
14 - Wine And Woman
15 - Follow The Wind
16 - I Was A Lover A Leader Of Men
17 - And The Children Laughing
18 - I Don´t Think It´s Funny
19 - How Love Was True
20 - To Be Or Not To Be
21 - Cherry Reed

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