Sunday, November 22, 2009

The Golliwogs - pre Creedence Clearwater Revival plus


Of all the vault recordings by '60s rock groups that were unearthed and repackaged, few are less indicative of future fame and greatness than the Golliwogs'. With no changes in personnel, the group became superstars as Creedence Clearwater Revival. As the Golliwogs, they issued seven singles in the mid-'60s; all flops, they were eventually repackaged as a retrospective. These 45s liberally borrowed from the British Invasion and other rock and R&B trends of the day without displaying a shred of distinction, or even an especially high energy level. It doesn't take a genius to figure out what the problem is; over half the songs were sung not by John Fogerty, but his brother, Tom. The half-dozen numbers sung by John are indeed more palatable, but even so, his songwriting had a distance to go before attaining maturity. The Golliwogs' recordings are interesting for their historical insight, but listeners shouldn't approach them expecting anything on the level of Creedence.



The Golliwogs - Pre Creedence

 Fantasy &Scorpio 45'

01 - Don't Tell Me No Lies

02 - Little Girl (Does Your Mama Know?)

03 - Where You Been

04 - You Came Walking

05 - You Can't Be True

06 - You Got Nothin' On Me

07 - Brown-Eyed Girl

08 - You Better Be Careful

09 - Fight Fire

10 - Fragile Child

11 - Walking On The Water

12 - You Better Get It Before It Gets

13 - Porterville

14 - Call It Pretending

 Both sides of all seven of their singles, originally issued on Fantasy and Scorpio. It is odd to hear the group casting about for an identity; songs variously bring to mind the Zombies, Them, Merseybeat, even hints of the Beach Boys. "Fight Fire" was their best early number, and has a fairly high reputation among garage fans. The later cuts (all sung by John) show the group starting to develop a rootsier, funkier approach more in line with Creedence. Has early versions of "Walking on the Water" and "Porterville," which were included on the first Creedence album.


15 - Tell Me

16 - You Can't Be True

17 - I Only Met You Just An Hour Ago

18 - She Was Mine

19 - Gonna Hang Around

20 - Try Try Try

21 - Instrumental No.1

22 - Little Tina

23 - Promotional Spot


Tommy Fogerty & The Blue Velvets

24 - Come On Baby

25 - Oh My Love

26 - Have You Ever Been Lonely

27 - Bonita

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