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The Newbeats-Big Beat Sounds by The Newbeats (1965)

Big Beat

Though the Newbeats' second album did have three minor hit singles ("Break Away (From That Boy)," "Hey-O Daddy-O," and "(The Bees Are for the Birds) The Birds Are for the Bees"), it didn't have anything on the scale of their huge previous hit "Bread & Butter." Otherwise, however, it was about on the same level as their debut LP (also titled Bread & Butter), surrounding the hits with some pretty desultory rock & roll oldies covers and album filler (much of it co-penned by Jay Turnbow and Larry Parks, the same songwriters responsible for "Bread & Butter"). It's a relic from that long-ago time when male singers could sing in screeching falsettos without a hint of embarrassment, though Larry Henley of the Newbeats is much more in the league of someone like Dick St. John (of Dick & Dee Dee) than bigger stars like Frankie Valli and Lou Christie. As for the non-hits here, the best of the lot is their respectable cover of Carole King and Gerry Goffin's "I Can't Hear You No More" (though that was done better by Betty Everett, Lulu, and Dusty Springfield). Nancie Mantz, later to co-write the Electric Prunes' "I Had Too Much to Dream (Last Night)," co-authored the doo wop-style "Human Kindness." You've got to be a real diehard to sit through the yet-another-"Bread & Butter"-spinoff "Find Ya Somewhere Else to Eat Your Crackers," though, and in any case, all three of the hits, as well as "I Can't Hear You No More" and "Human Kindness," are included on the compilation The Very Best of the Newbeats. The album was reissued on CD as part of Ace's two-fer combining Bread & Butter with Big Beat Sounds, adding both sides of a non-LP 1966 single.

1. Newbeats - (The Bees Are For The Birds) The Birds Are For The Bees (2:10)
2. Newbeats - Baby Let's Play House (1:44)
3. Newbeats - Better Watch Your Step (2:00)
4. Newbeats - Break Away (From That Boy) (2:27)
5. Newbeats - Find Ya Somewhere Else To Eat Your Crackers (2:06)
6. Newbeats - Great Balls Of Fire (1:42)
7. Newbeats - Hey-O-Daddy-O (2:20)
8. Newbeats - Human Kindness (2:17)
9. Newbeats - I Can't Hear You No More (2:23)
10. Newbeats - Mother-In-Law (1:59)
11. Newbeats - Poison Pen (1:43)
12. Newbeats - The Natural (1:57)

The Newbeats-Bread & Butter (1964)


Best remembered for their 1964 smash "Bread and Butter," Nashville pop vocal trio the Newbeats teamed singer Larry Henley with brothers Dean and Mark Mathis. The Mathises previously performed as the duo Dean and Mark, notching a minor hit in 1959 with the single "Tell Him No"; three years later, Henley briefly collaboated with the siblings before mounting a largely unsuccessful solo career at Hickory Records. When the Mathis brothers joined the label in 1964, the three reunited as the Newbeats; featuring Henley's distinctive falsetto, the group's debut single "Bread and Butter" rocketed to number two on the U.S. pop charts, soon followed by the Top 20 entry "Everything's Alright." The Newbeats' third hit "Break Away (From That Boy)" cracked the Top 40 in the spring of 1965; although "Run Baby Run (Back Into My Arms)" reached as high as number 12 that fall, it was the trio's last chart entry, although they remained with Hickory until 1972. Brief stints at Buddah and Playboy followed before the Newbeats dissolved in 1974; after releasing a handful of solo records, Henley turned his energies to songwriting, most famously authoring the Bette Midler smash "Wind Beneath My Wings."

1. Newbeats - A Patent On Love (2:06)
2. Newbeats - Ain't That Lovin' You Baby (1:55)
3. Newbeats - Bread And Butter (2:00)
4. Newbeats - Bye Bye Love (2:53)
5. Newbeats - Everything's Alright (2:13)
6. Newbeats - I'm Blue (The Gong Gong Song) (2:21)
7. Newbeats - Pink Dally Rue (1:59)
8. Newbeats - So Fine (2:28)
9. Newbeats - The Shoop Shoop Song (It's In Her Kiss) (2:08)
10. Newbeats - There Oughta Be A Law ('Bout The Stuff I Saw) (2:24)
11. Newbeats - Thou Shalt Not Steal (2:03)
12. Newbeats - Tough Little Buggy (2:36)

Cannibal & the Headhunters - Golden Classics Edition


Cannibal & the Headhunters were one-hit wonders, but what a hit to have, if you're only going to have one: "Land of 1000 Dances." The group was also one of the first Mexican-American rock bands to have a national hit record, courtesy of that same tune. Founded by Frankie Garcia -- who reportedly earned his nickname "Cannibal" as a boy when he bit an opponent during a fight -- with Robert Jaramillo and Joe Jaramillo of East L.A. in the mid-'60s, the group grew out of a number of earlier bands, including the Rhythm Playboys and the Romanos. The Headhunters' version of "Land of 1000 Dances," written by Chris Kenner and Fats Domino, was issued on the Rampart label in early 1965 and peaked at number 30 on the charts, which got the group booked supporting the Beatles, among many other bands. Wilson Pickett later had the biggest hit version of the same song, reaching number ten, but dozens, perhaps hundreds, of versions were issued. The group's next single didn't do much, but the Land of 1000 Dances album did chart in mid-1965. The group later moved to Columbia's Date Records imprint (home of the Zombies' "Time of the Season"), and at the end of the 1960s they signed with Capitol Records, but found no more success. After a decade of doing oldies shows, Garcia and his then-current group of Headhunters called it quits in 1978, although he has since led other versions of the group in shows on the oldies circuit. ~ Bruce Eder, All Music Guide


01-Land of 1000 Dances
02-Boy from New York City
03-My Girl
04-Don't Let Her Go
06-Out of Sight
07-La Bamba
08-Zulu King
11-Headhunters Dance Party
12-I'll Show You How to Love Me
13-Nau Ninny Nau
14-Follow the Music
15-I Need Your Loving
16-Here Comes Love

A really solid dance album, and a great '60s party album, sparked by a lot more than just "Land of 1000 Dances." Among the 16 tracks here (which includes a version of "La Bamba" and covers of "My Girl, " "Shotgun, " and "The Boy From New York City"), there's not a bad number to be found. The sound quality is excellent, and the notes are pretty thorough as well, and since it's unlikely that even Bear Family would do a box set on the group, this is probably as good as it's going to get. ~ Bruce Eder, All Music Guide

THE BOURBONS -House Party( Rockin' Sounds from Boston's South Shore) 1964-66


An extremely typical garage band of the mid-'60s, the Bourbons never released a record. Their set consisted almost entirely of faithful covers of current rock hits, which they would play on their live gigs in the Boston area. They did record quite a bit of unreleased material -- again, almost all covers. That condition makes the release of a Bourbons CD -- along with tapes of two related, previous bands, the Van-dels' and Chevells -- of very limited interest, no matter how competently the tunes were executed



6.ROUTE 66


This is the story of Al Lorusso, a rock & roll journeyman who, during the 1960s, plunked his guitar in three related bands: the Chevells, the Van-dels, and the Bourbons. Lorusso recorded a wealth of material in all three bands, but none of them ever released so much as a local 45 in their respective heydays. But by recording a number of practice sessions on his home tape deck, Lorusso amazingly documented what an average teen combo down the street actually sounded like during this time period. As such, it's a marvelous document of time and place, and the music isn't half bad either. With plenty of Stones, Beatles, and Top 40 favorites along the way, this one's like having an after-school dance in your CD player. ~ Cub Koda, All Music Guide

The Phantom Raiders - New Sound '67


The Phantom Raiders were ages 11-14 when they cut their first and only album, New Sound '67, on the Justice label. Based in North Carolina, the sextet consisted of Randy Lee (lead guitar-age 11!!!), Doug Almond (bass), Mitch Miller (drums), Eddie Smith (rhythm guitar), and Ricky Lee (rhythm guitar, lead vocals). They closed 1966 with an appearance at the Teen-a-Rama contest at the Charlotte Coliseum. Their repertory consisted mostly of covers of then popular hits, including "I'm Not Your Steppin' Stone, " "Gloria, " "Day Tripper, " "Devil With A Blue Dress On/Good Golly Miss Molly" etc. The group had a fairly lean sound, and a very punkish sound as well, whether they were covering Monkees songs, Doors tunes, or surf instrumentals. The twin rhythm guitars, coupled with Mitch Miller's fairly aggressive drumming, gave their covers a lot of punch and a pretty heavy attack, even when its obvious that their reach exceeds their grasp, as on "Day Tripper." Ricky Lee's singing betrays a lingering adenoidal quality that only enhances the young defiant teen image. ~ Bruce Eder, All Music Guide


01 - (I'm Not Your) Steppin' Stone. 3:33
02 - Stickshift. 1:25
03 - Gloria. 3:01
04 - Day Tripper. 2:50
05 - Devil With a Blue Dress On. 3:14
06 - New Sound '67. 2:52
07 - Walk, Don't Run. 2:18
08 - I'm a Believer. 2:44
09 - Pipeline. 2:04
10 - Last Kiss. 2:36
11 - Wipeout. 2:33

had some aspects of their sound and playing to work out, as is obvious on their halting account of "Day Tripper," but for a band only half of whose members were in their teens, the Phantom Raiders are pretty impressive. They're much better on Mitch Ryders "Devil with a Blue Dress On" and even "Gloria." Mitch Miller's drumming is the best part of the band's attack, but most of this album is great fun. The title track is a guitar instrumental filled with Arabesques and pseudo-surf elements.

The Swingin' Medallions - Double Shot (Of My Baby's Love) Anthology

double shot



The Swingin' Medallions have been based out of the Greenwood South Carolina area, since the early 1960's. Their musical roots came from listening to the early rhythm and blues acts. The music most often associated with the band is beach music, frat rock, R&B, or shaggin' music. After a few years of touring colleges from the Carolinas to the Louisiana Bayou, John McElrath took the group to Arthur Smith's Studio in Charlotte North Carolina, to record "Double Shot (of My Baby's Love)". The song became a million seller in 1966, and has been a party classic for college students for decades. "She Drives Me Out Of My Mind" and "Hey, Hey, Baby" were top 40 hits in 1966 and 1967, but "Double Shot" remains the signature song of the Swingin' Medallions.
The members of the Swingin' Medallions have changed over the past thirty years, with John McElrath being the leader and only member to be performing today. The personnel of the band has always included around eight members with at least a four piece horn section. The high energy party style stage performance of the first Medallions has been passed down to the band that performs today. The present Medallions stage show has coined them the name "The Party Band of the South."
Many of the Medallions attended and graduated from Lander University in Greenwood, SC while performing in the south east. The University of Georgia was also the home of some of the band members.
Lewis Grizzard wrote in a 1993 article that, "Even today, when I hear the Swingin' Medallions sing "Double Shot of My Baby's Love, " it makes me want to stand outside in the hot sun with a milkshake cup full of beer in one hand and a slightly-drenched nineteen-year-old coed in the other."



(back row left to right) *Charlie Webber-trumpet, vocals *Steve Caldwell-saxophone, vocals *Jimmy Perkins-saxophone, bass guitar, vocals *John McElrath-keyboards, vocals *Carroll Bledsoe-trumpet,vocals *Jim Doares-guitar, vocals (front row) *Brent Fortson-saxophone, flute, vocals *Joe Morris-drums, vocals


1. Double Shot (Of My Baby's Love)
2. She Drives Me Out Of My Mind  
3. Hey Hey Baby
4. I Want To Be Your Guy
5. Lonely Drifter
6. Come Back Girl  
7. You Gotta Have Faith  
8. Night Owl
9. M.T.Y.L.T.T.
10. What Kind Of Fool (Do You Think I Am)
11. Hang On Sloopy  
12. Louie Louie  
13. Wooly Bully  
14. I'm Gonna Make Her Mine  
15. Barefootin'
16. Willie Don't Play That Saxophone  
17. Shaggin' In The Moonlight
18. The Boys Are Back In Town

The Nashville Teens - Best of (1964-1969)

Nashville Teens-Best - Front1



The Nashville Teens were one of a brace of British acts competing for attention in the booming days of the early British Invasion and its early purely English phenomenon, the British beat boom. They were distinguished from most of the others by scoring a memorable and serious hit, "Tobacco Road." This put them on the map internationally (even getting them into an American jukebox movie, Beach Ball, that also featured the Supremes) before they gradually faded away in popularity. The sextet first got together in Weybridge, Surrey, in 1962 with Art Sharp and Ray Phillips on vocals, John Hawken on piano, Pete Shannon on bass, Michael Dunford on guitar, and Roger Groom... Read More...


01-Tobacco Road                                        
04-Parchman Farm                                       
05-Need You                                            
06-La Bamba                                            
07-Bread And Butter Man                                
08-Google Eye                                          
09-Hoochie Coochie Man                                 
10-How Deep Is The Ocean                               
11-Find My Way Back Home                               
13-Too Much                                            
14-Hurtin' Inside                                      
15-I Like It Like That                                 
17-Soon Forgotten                                      
18-Little Bird                                         
19-I'm Coming Home                                     
20-Hard Way                                            
22-That's My Woman                                     
23-Lament Of The Cherokee Reservation People           
24-Looking For You

Aphrodite's Child - The Singles+ [2CD]




A Greek band of the late '60s and early '70s, Aphrodite's Child scored only one European hit, "Rain and Tears." Though it was a big one, the group became little more than a trivia answer after keyboardist Vangelis Papathanassiou dropped his surname and hit number one with the theme to Chariots of Fire in 1981. Aphrodite's Child also included drummer Lucas Sideras and vocalist Demis Roussos, who enjoyed some solo success himself as a pop vocalist. The band formed in Greece in the mid-'60s, and the title track from the second album was a hit throughout Europe. The 1971 album 666 was generally agreed to be the best, but it proved to be the last, though the single "Break" was also a hit in Europe.


"Plastics nevermore" / "The other people" (1968)
"Rain and tears" / "Don't try to catch a river" (1968) 
"End of the world" / "You always stand in my way" (1969)
"Valley of sadness" / "Mister Thomas" (1969)
"Lontano dagli occhi" / "Quando l'amore diventa poesia" (1969)
"I want to live" / "Magic Mirror" (1969) 
"Let me love, let me live" / "Marie Jolie" (1969) 
"It's five o'clock" / "Wake up" (1970) 
"Spring, summer, winter and fall" / "Air" (1970)
"Such a funny night" / "Annabella" (1970)
"Break" / "Babylon" (1972)

Aphrodite's Child - The Singles+

This import set from the BR imprint is essentially the same as Polygram International's Collection from 1995. The sequence of Singles is slightly altered, and it includes live versions of "End of the World" and "Lontano Dagli Occhi," as well as the studio track "Pathenon," but other than that the two releases are identical. Both offer the hit singles "Rain and Tears" and "Break," as well as a run through the group's Mediterranean take on psychedelia and highlights of 1972's high-concept 666 -- widely considered to be Aphrodite's Child's finest hour. ~ Johnny Loftus
2003 Double disc collection of singles and more from BR Music for the Greek prog-rock trio which spawned the solo artists Vangelis & Demis Roussos. 38 tracks & a full-color glossy booklet with track by track credits.



01. Rain and Tears
02. Don't Try to Catch a River
03. Plastics Nevermore
04. Other People
05. End of the World
06. You Always Stand in My Way
07. Valley of Sadness
08. Mister Thomas
09. Grass Is No Green
10. Shepherd and the Moon
11. Day of the Fool Listen
12. Quando l'Amore Diventa Poesia
13. Lontano Dagli Occhi
14. I Want to Live
15. Magic Mirror
16. Let Me Love, Let Me Live
17. Marie Jolie Listen
18. It's Five O'Clock
19. Funky Mary


01. Wake Up
02. Take Your Time
03. Annabella
04. Good Time So Fine
05. Such a Funny Night
06. Spring Summer Winter and Fall
07. Air
08. Break
09. Babylon
10. Four Horsemen
11. Lamb
12. Seventh Seal
13. Aegian Sea
14. Lament
15. Marching Beast
16. Hic et Nunc (Here and Now)
17. End of the World [Live]
18. Lontano Dagli Occhi [Live]
19. Pathenon

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Beat Beat Beat - Original Soundtrack Vol.6-Vol.10

Рабочий стол

Topic in Revival

01 - Intro
02 - Info
03 - Where Have All The Good Times Gone / The Shapes
04 - Pretty Flamingo
05 - Info
06 - Adam & Eve / Adam & Eve
07 - Info
08 - I'm A Man / The Creation
09 - That's How Strong My Love Is
10 - Info
11 - They Can Look At Us (And Laugh) / Adam & Eve
12 - Info
13 - Making Time / The Creation
14 - Info
15 - Baby, Think Before You Act / Barry Monroe
16 - Info
17 - Shake / The Koobas
18 - Take Me for a Little While
19 - Info
20 - To Show I Love You    / Peter & Gordon
21 - Info
22 - You'd Better Make Up Your Mind / The Koobas
23 - You Don't Love Me
24 - Info
25 - Homeward Bound / Peter & Gordon
26 – Woman
Vol 8
01 - Intro
02 - Info
03 - Black Is Black / The Rangers
04 - Lovers Of The World United
05 - Info
06 - Soul Organ Blues / Cherry Wainer & Don Storer
07 - Info
08 - One More Heartache / The Untamed
09 - I'll Go Crazy
10 - Info
11 - Shake It Some More    / Tony Sheridan
12 - Info
13 - Daddy Longlegs / The Untamed
14 - Info
15 - What Now My Love / Cherry Wainer & Don Storer
16 - Info
17 - Hey Girl / The Small Faces
18 - All Or Nothing
19 - Just You And Me / Tony Sheridan
20 - Info
21 - What'cha Gonna Do About It
22 - Sha-La-La-La-Lee
Vol 9
01 - Intro
02 - Info
03 - Serre-Moi La Main / Les Knack
04 - The Price of Love
05 - Info
06 - Happy Organ / Cherry Wainer & Don Storer
07 - Info
08 - Complication / The Monks
09 - I Can't Get Over You
10 - Info
11 - Out Of Time / Chris Farlowe
12 - Info
13 - Cuckoo / The Monks
14 - Info
15 - Love For Sale / Cherry Wainer & Don Storer
16 - Info
17 - The Nitty Gritty /    Manfred Mann
18 - You Don't Know Me
19 - Info
20 - Ride On Baby / Chris Farlowe
21 - Info
22 - Semi-Detached Suburban Mr. James
23 - Hound Dog
Vol 10
01 - Intro
02 - Info
03 - Late Last Sunday Evening /    The Lords
04 - Don't Mince Matter
05 - Info
06 - Red River Valley /    Cherry Wainer & Don Storer
07 - Info
08 - Sunny Girl / The Hep Stars
09 - No Response
10 - Info
11 - That's Nice / Neil Christian
12 - Info
13 - Wedding / The Hep Stars
14 - Info
15 - Moanin / Cherry Wainer & Don Storer
16 - Info
17 - No Milk Today / Herman's Hermits
18 - Dandy
19 - Info
20 - Two At A Time / Neil Christian
21 - Info
22 - Jezebel /  Herman's Hermits
23 - My Reservation's Been Confirmed

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Petards - The Petards

1. Petards, The - Golden Glass (1968) (3:00)
2. Petards, The - Shoot Me Up To The Moon (1967) (2:45)
3. Petards, The - Summerwind (1967) (2:51)
4. Petards, The - Roses For Kathy (1967) (2:43)
5. Petards, The - Misty Island (1968) (2:38)
6. Petards, The - Pretty Liza (1968) (2:35)
7. Petards, The - The Fountain (1969) (2:13)
8. Petards, The - Some Sunny Sunday Morning (1969) (2:56)
9. Petards, The - On The Road With My Bag (1969) (3:34)
10. Petards, The - Blue Fire Light (1969) (3:37)
11. Petards, The - Pictures (1970) (2:25)
12. Petards, The - The Dream (1970) (2:54)
13. Petards, The - Keep On (1970) (3:09)
14. Petards, The - My World (1970) (4:44)
15. Petards, The - Don't You Feel Like Me? (1970) (2:51)
16. Petards, The - Good Good Donna (1971) (3:46)
17. Petards, The - Rainy Day (1970) (4:01)
18. Petards, The - On The Road Drinking Wine (1970) (2:37)
19. Petards, The - Baby Man (1970) (4:44)
20. Petards, The - Hello My Friend (1971) (3:45)

Petards - Golden Glass

Petards - Golden Glass
1. Petards, The - A Deeper Blue (2:39)
2. Petards, The - Baby (3:00)
3. Petards, The - Confusion All Day (2:57)
4. Petards, The - Drive (3:26)
5. Petards, The - Firetree (2:20)
6. Petards, The - Golden Glass (3:01)
7. Petards, The - I Won't Come Back (2:20)
8. Petards, The - If You Want To Go Away (2:36)
9. Petards, The - Lazy Moon (2:08)
10. Petards, The - Love Is All Around (2:23)
11. Petards, The - My Little Heart (2:41)
12. Petards, The - Roses For Kathy (2:43)
13. Petards, The - Shoot Me Up To The Moon (2:45)
14. Petards, The - Summerwind (2:52)
15. Petards, The - Sun Came Out At Seven (2:09)
16. Petards, The - Tiger Rider (2:44)

Petards - Burning Rainbows

01 - (And You All) Talk About Heaven.02 - Alright, Tonight You'll Be A Woman. 03 - One More Chance To Be Blue (Burning Rainbows). 04 - Green Eyed Paradise.05 - Speed Freak.06 - Birthday (Today Is My).07 - Alone.08 - The Dust Of My Way.09 - Someday I'll Cry.10 - Come To Me, Come To You.11 - You Better Move Right Now.12 - Goky And Me. 13 - Who Will Sell His Dreams. 14 – Roses

The Petards - Hitshock


The Petards Hitshock
01 - Take Me, Shake Me
02 - Blue Fire Light
03 - Special Sunset For A Lady
04 - Pictures
05 - The Dream
06 - Mekka
07 - Keep On
08 - My World
09 - Sunshine, Rainshine
10 - Ruins Of Tookamoon
11 - Stone By Now
12 - Rover On The Roam

13 - Rainbows And Butterflies
14 - Everybody Knows Matilda

The Petards - HITS

And once again news from JANCY
little makeweight from me...

01 - Flittermouse02 - Never More03 - Out In The Rain04 - Girl, Where Are You Going Now?05 - The Fountain06 - Tonight07 - Mockingbird Crying08 - Some Sunny Sunday Morning09 - Bridal Ballad10 - Pretty Liza11 - On The Road With My Bag12 - Misty Island13 - Tartarex
1 - 11 Longplayer "Same / Hits"12 - 13 45' a+b side
Unknow title collection
01 - Golden Glass (1968) 03:01 02 - Shoot Me Up To The Moon (1968) 02:45 03 - Summerwind (1968) 02:52 04 - Roses For Kathy (1968) 02:43 05 - Misty Island (1968) 02:38 06 - Pretty Liza (1968) 02:35 07 - The Fountain (1969) 02:13 08 - Some Sunny Sunday Morning (1969) 02:56 09 - On The Road With My Bag (1969) 03:35 10 - Blue Fire Light (1969) 03:37 11 - Pictures (1970) 02:26 12 - The Dream (1970) 02:54 13 - Keep On (1970) 03:10 14 - My World (1970) 04:45 15 - Don't You Feel Like Me? (1970) 02:51 16 - Good Good Donna (1971) 03:47 17 - Rainy Day (1970) 04:02 18 - On The Road Drinking Wine (1970) 02:38 19 - Baby Man (1970) 04:44 20 - Hello My Friend (1971) 03:46


The Petards - A Deeper Blue (1968)

Ursprьnglich aus Schrecksbach (bei Schwalmstadt/Hessen) waren The Petards in den 60er Jahren neben Bands wie "The Lords" oder "The Rattles" eine der erfolgreichsten und populдrsten Bands der Beat-Aera in Deutschland.,Petards_219,N.html

20 song from 1'st album of one of the best German band's
Horst Ebert-vocals,
Klaus Ebert-guitar,
Roger Waldmann-bass and Arno Dittrich-drums.
Heard that their drummer had very recently organized a Petards reunion of some sort.
1 - Baby, Run, Run, Run 2 - Pretty Miss 3 - Right Time 4 - She Didn't 5 - Shoot Me Up To The Moon 6 - Lazy Moon 7 - Golden Glass 8 - Tiger Rider 9 - Sun Came Out At Seven10 - Firetree11 - Summerwind12 - If You Want To Go Away13 - Drive14 - I Won't Come Back15 - A Deeper Blue16 - My Little Heart17 - Love Is All Around18 - Baby19 - Roses For Kathy20 - Confusion All Day
1 - 8 45' a+b side9 - 20 Longplayer "A Deeper Blue"
Jancy ! Thank you for thiis Great music stuff

The Petards - Pet Arts

Pet Arts (Liberty LBS 83481/82 X), Doppel-LP

from Jancy !!!
The Petards - Pet Arts

01 - Don't You Feel Like Me
02 - Good Good Donna
03 - Rainy Day
04 - Fowling
05 - Cowboy
06 - Willie's Gun
07 - Windy Nevermore
08 - Long Way Back Home
09 - Big Boom
10 - Too Many Heavens
11 - Flame Missing Light
12 - On The Road Drinking
13 - Baby Man
14 - Spectrum
15 - Hello My Friend

16 - Free
17 - Hand Of Fortune


VA\101 Strings,The Petards, and The Spots- Love is Blue (1967)

Love Is Blue
© 1967 Europa E 307
By 101 Strings,The Petards, and The Spots

One of the most prolific and reliable names in instrumental easy listening music, the 101 Strings Orchestra has literally recorded hundreds of albums since its inception in 1957. Their trademark sound is built on a reverence for melody, pristine production, and a pleasant, relaxing ambience; while occasional albums have concentrated on brass, piano, guitars, and even mild rock & roll rhythms, the string section — true to the group’s name — nearly always remains front and center, because of its lush, soothing sound qualities. Most of their albums were built around some unifying theme, whether the work of a well-known artist or songwriter, a specific topic (patriotism, holidays, et al.), TV/ movie themes, songs from a particular country, revampings of familiar tunes from other genres, and so on. The group was founded by producer/engineer Dick L. Miller, who was searching for a way to mimic the sound and style of orchestras led by “name” conductors like Mantovani, without the expense involved in securing their services. He hit upon the idea of recruiting unknown European groups at a much lower cost, and made the 101 Strings Orchestra into something of a brand name (since the personality of the group rested with the arrangements, the individual musicians were somewhat interchangeable, so long as they could play in the preset style). The orchestra’s first home was Miller’s own Somerset label and their first arranger was Robert Lowden; he was followed by Joseph Kuhn and Monte Kelly in turn, all of whom wrote occasional original numbers as well. In 1964, Miller sold the whole 101 Strings package to the Alshire label, which continued to turn out product with assembly line regularity over the next few decades. During their first decade, the 101 Strings would occasionally offer a more experimental album as a change of pace, but that all stopped after their fan base’s reaction to 1968’s futuristic and at times unsettling Astro Sounds From Beyond the Year 2000 (which became a sought-after item among latter-day space age pop fans). In 1995, Madacy Entertainment purchased the Alshire label and began reissuing a great deal of the 101 Strings back catalog on CD, not to mention new material.

BUT .,it's such a bizarre record - the artists listed are
101 strings ,the Spots and the Petards...

01 – Love Is Blue. 2:27
02 – Killer Joe a Gogo. 2:25
03 – Blues For The Guru. 1:54
04 – That’s My Honeybee. 1:57
05 – Karma Sitar. 1:53
06 – Kings Road Rock. 3:19
07 – It’s Up To You. 2:12
08 – Yes, Oh Yes. 2:24
09 – Lady Madonna. 2:01
10 – Strings For Ravi. 2:13
11 – I Just Want To Tell You. 2:23
12 – San Francisco Sun. 2:05
13 – Headin’ Home. 3:14
14 – Guantanamera. 1:50
15 – I’m Still In Love. 1:45
16 – Love Is All Around. 2:30

The Petards - CCR Hits done by a group called Zonk

News from JANCY
For fans The Petards ;CCR and not only...

01. Green River
02. Commotion
03. Proud Mary
04. I Put A Spell On You
05. Keep On Chooglin
06. Bad Moon Rising
07. Good Golly Miss Molly
08. Suzie Q
09. Lodi
10. Born On A Bayou
11. Down On The Corner
12. Fortunate Son
1 - 10 Longplayer "The Petards - Creedence Clearwater Revival Hits done by a group called Zonk"
11 - 12 45' a+b "The Fliitermouse" aka "The Petards "

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Jet Harris - The Journey (2008)


01.In The Beginning02.San Antonio (Old Skool Mix)03.It Bites04.Krakatoa05.The Journey06.Ignition07.The 4th Man08.Hello Sid09.Play It Down10.Song For Tony11.Shot To Pieces12.San Antonio (Instrumental)13.El Vampiro14.Diamonds


Jet Harris - Diamonds Are Trumps (2002)


01.Theme For A Fallen Idol02.Time Is Tight03.Dance With The Guitar Man04.Wipe Out05.You Can't Sit Down06.Diamonds07.Man With The Golden Arm08.Gonzales09.No Other Baby10.Soul Limbo11.Barney's Blues12.Water Melon Man13.Theme For Something Really Important14.Tequila

Jet Harris & Tony Meehan - Diamonds and Other Gems


Jet Harris and Tony Meehan began playing together as members of the Shadows backing Cliff Richard. Despite the success of the group in its own right, both of them decided to quit. Meehan had left the group at the end of 1961 with plans to take up a job in A&R with the Decca record company. Harris stayed with the group until 1962 deciding that he could probably do better for himself on his own. He was already a well known and popular artist, particularly with the female members of the Shadows audiences and Duane Eddy had shown the potential rewards for a 'solo' guitarist. This was a very risky decision as Jet found playing his own 'lead' quite different to playing bass guitar with the group.

Everything you could want is on this 20-track CD -- all six of Harris' 1962-64 singles (several of which co-billed Meehan), a few rare LP and EP tracks, an unreleased song, a solo single by Meehan -- every last available item, in fact, from Harris' heyday. An at times cool, but more often foolish, glimpse of British rock just before the Beatles changed the rules. It could have probably been boiled down to an EP of the few first-rate tracks without any harm done.
01 - Diamonds
02 - Hully Gully
03 - Footstomp
04 - Scarlett O'Hara
05 - Applejack
06 - The Tall Texan
07 - Song Of Mexico
08 - Kings Go Fifth
09 - Besame Mucho
10 - Chills And Fever
11 - Clap Your Hands (Once Again)
12 - The Man With The Golden Arm (Main Title Theme)
13 - Wild One (Real Wild Child)
14 - Some People
15 - Rave
16 - Man From Nowhere
17 - Big Bad Bass
18 - Rifka
19 - Lonesome Part Of Town
20 - Again

by Richie Unterberger
One of the more intriguing footnotes to pre-Beatles rock in Britain, Jet Harris first made his mark as the bassist for the Shadows. As they were megastar Cliff Richard's backing group and the most popular instrumental rock band in Britain, it was a shock when Harris left the group to become a solo act. But with frequent assistance from Shadows drummer Tony Meehan, Harris scored a half-dozen hits in a year and a half. (Meehan himself rates as an interesting footnote to rock history, having turned down the chance to record the Beatles in early 1962 when he was a producer for Decca Records.) Harris' biggest hit, the brooding "Diamonds" (including, it's been said, session guitar work by a very young Jimmy Page), vied for the number one spot with the Beatles' own "Please Please Me" in the U.K. in early 1963. There could have been few better symbols for the changing of the guard in British rock & roll. Harris' recordings typified British rock such as it was in the early '60s: sullen, restrained, disciplined instrumentals (often based on popular themes). Harris' singles were relatively unusual in that they made prominent use of the bass as a lead instrument, and the best of them -- "Diamonds," "The Man With the Golden Arm," and "Man From Nowhere" -- had a menacing, shuddering bass reminiscent of the best James Bond soundtracks. More frequently, however, his instrumentals sounded like a tame Duane Eddy or worse, with cornball adaptations of Western movie riffs. Harris had a couple more big hits after the Beatles broke, but the revolution the group ignited -- as well as a severe automobile accident, along with emotional problems in the wake of his early success -- brought his career to a skidding halt in early 1964. Unbelievably, he turned up in the first lineup of the Jeff Beck Group in February 1967, but never recorded with Beck, who revamped his outfit after a few weeks of rehearsal.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

V.A.- The Best Beat -2CD (1994)


CD 1
01. 01. Gerry & The Pacemakers - How Do You Do It [0:02:58.00]02. 02. The Troggs - Wild Thing [0:01:39.00]03. 03. Billy J. Kramer - Bad To me [0:02:21.00]04. 04. Herman's Hermits - Silhouettes [0:02:03.00]05. 05. Wayne Fontana - Groovy Kind Of Love [0:02:03.00]06. 06. Freddie & The Dreamers - I'm Telling You Now [0:02:13.00]07. 07. Vanity Fayre - Early In The Morning [0:02:38.00]08. 08. The Merseybeats - Sorrow [0:02:25.00]09. 09. The Zombies - She's Not There [0:02:31.00]10. 10. B. Poole & Tremeloes - Do You Love Me? [0:02:29.00]11. 11. The Fourmost - A Little Loving [0:02:05.00]12. 12. The Foundations - Build Me Up Buttercup [0:03:00.00]13. 13. The Swinging Blue Jeans - You're Not Good [0:02:22.00]14. 14. Marmalade - Reflections Of My Life [0:04:01.00]15. 15. Billy J. Kramer - I'll Keep You Satisfied [0:02:04.00]16. 16. Gerry & The Pacemakers - Ferry Croos The Mersey [0:02:25.00]
CD 2

01. The Fortunes - You've Got Your Troubles [0:03:31.00]02. Freddie & The Dreamers - You Were Made For Me [0:02:23.00]03. Marmalade - Ob La Di Ob La Da [0:03:15.00]04. Wayne Fontana - The Game Of Love [0:02:28.00]05. Herman's Hermits - No Milk Today [0:02:57.00]06. The Fourmost - Hello Little Girl [0:02:01.00]07. The Foundations - baby, Now That I've Found You [0:02:40.00]08. Gerry & The Pacemakers - I Like It [0:02:18.00]09. The Tremeloes - Silent Is Golden [0:03:16.00]10. Billy J. Kramer - Do You Want To Know A Secret [0:02:12.00]11. Vanity Fayre - Bitchin' A Ride [0:03:03.00]12. Nashville Teens - Tobacco Road [0:02:45.00]13. Unit Four Plus Two - Concrete And Clay [0:02:25.00]14. The Merseybeats - Wishin' And Hopin' [0:02:46.00]15. Gerry & The Pacemakers - You'll Never Walk Alone [0:02:30.00]16. The Swinging Blue Jeans - The Hippy Hippy Shake [0:02:08.00]



Thanks 66 for the links
01 - boy berger - wulle wulle (2:29) 02 - uwe spier - hab doch etwas mut (2:06)03 - edgar et the breathless - schade um die zeit (2:45)04 - lionel et the trieds - bei uns zu haus (2:32)05 - dickie rock - rock 'n' roll music (2:29)06 - germans - oh la la (2:05)07 - gloomy moon singers - zieht euch warm an (2:17) 08 - javalins - scherben (1:59)09 - uwe spier - boom boom (2:45) 10 - lucky tucky et the screen wipers - dann irrst du dich my dear (2:51)11 - sharks - hey komm in den club (1:59) 12 - antoine - autostrabe nach paris (2:17)13 - cindy et bert and the jay five - der hund von baskerville (2:49) 14 - king beats - too much language business (3:42)


THANKS 66 for the links
1. 01 The Swinging Blue Jeans - Good Golly Miss Molly (Liverpool, U.K.) (2:12)2. 02 The Telstars - Nur Fur Mich (The Hague, Holland) (1:39)3. 03 Jurgen Wenger - Jenny Take A Ride (Germany) (3:10)4. 04 Nino Ferrer - Le Telefon (Marseilles, France) (2:48)5. 05 Ronny Twen - Hats Off To Larry (1:56)6. 06 Gerd Bottcher - It's Not Unusual (Germany) (2:04)7. 07 Joe Ki & Die P.T.S.G. - Karthago Ist Grun (Germany) (2:41)8. 08 The Sorrows - Take A Heart (Coventry, U.K.) (3:19)9. 09 Danny Miller & Die Damonen - New Orleans (Hannover, Germany) (2:54)10. 10 Ricky Brown & The Hi-Lites - Schade (Germany) (2:14)11. 11 Marco Polo - Indian Reservation (3:24)12. 12 Frankie Farian & Die Schatten - Heart Of Stone (Germany) (2:26)13. 13 Bumble-Bees - It's In Her Kiss (2:11)14. 14 The Telstars - Tu Mir Nicht Weh (The Hague, Holland) (2:14)15. 15 Keith West & Mark Wirtz - Shy Boy (Newcastle, U.K.) (2:40)16. 16 Die Beat Oma - Balla Balla (Germany) (1:49)
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