Sunday, October 17, 2010

VA - Marijuana Unknowns (1964-69)

Marijuana Unknowns is indeed a collection of obscure marijuana-related '60s tracks, but the bad news (or good news, depending on your perspective) is that it's not nearly as fried an experience as one might expect. Sure, there are plenty of veiled and not-so-veiled references to the evil weed, but most of the tunes themselves are pretty lightweight freakbeat and British Invasion pop ditties, not fuzzed out stoner anthems. The nadir has to be "Pot Party," by the World, where a bunch of supposedly stoned fools giggle at nothing over a sped-up "Spirit in the Sky" riff. This is good for a chuckle, but probably not the best thing for your next incense-and-black-light bong party.
    1. Sweet Smoke - Mary Jane Is To Love (2:11)
    2. Birdwatchers - Mary Mary (2:36)
    3. Two Dollar Question - Aunt Matilda (2:17)
    4. Mike Clifford - Mary Jane (2:02)
    5. Them - Walking In The Queen's Garden (3:01)
    6. The Renaissance - Mary Jane (2:33)
    7. Castels - Rocky Ridges (2:48)
    8. The World - Pot Party (2:23)
    9. Prophecy - Take A Look At Mary (2:27)
    10. Owen B - Zig Zag Man (2:12)
    11. Listening - Stoned Is (4:36)
    12. Copperpenny - Stop The World (8:00)

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