Saturday, May 21, 2011

The Joint - Freak Street (1968-69)

Long lost history recordings of legendary band The Joint from the 60's Kent/Canterbury scene.

The band recorded soundtrack material for Munich underground movies, and a series of demos, but split in 1969 with no their name.

Long lost tapes of legendary band The Joint (feat. Rick Davies of Supertramp). These recordings were lost and have only been recently discovered. The Joint came out of legendary early sixties Kent scene band The Lonely Ones, a band that featured Noel Redding, and Jim Leverton (Yardbirds,Fat Mattress). The Lonely Ones split in 1969, having only released a Freakbeat single in Germany. This album is a must have for all psych/prog collectors . Great previously unheard tracks for fans of the genre - shades of early Pink Floyd, Tomorrow, Arthur Brown etc. Unique and original art work. Limited to 1000 copies. Lost gem from the Kent/ Canterbury scene that spawned Soft Machine, Caravan, etc. 

*John Andy Andrews (lead vocals)
*Trevor Willians (guitar, vocals)
*Rick Davies (keyboard, vocals)
*Keith Bailey (drums)
*Martin Vinson/Steve Brass (bass)
*Tony Catchpole (guitar).

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