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V.A.- Heimatliche Klaenge vol.71 - Prae-Kraut Pandaemonium Vol.11

1 The Venture 5 - What's Your Name
2 The Beat-Nicks - Feelin' Sad
3 The Mushroams - Dely
4 The Excelsiors - Don't Need No Other
5 The Image - Creation
6 The Gentlemen - You Never Try
7 League 66 -  Tomorrow's Void
8 Earls - I'm So Glad
9 The Rags - Sunlight City
10 The Strangers - Hurt It   
11 The Beat-Nicks - The Woman   
12 The Major Shouts - I See Your Face All Days   
13 The Boasters - How Do You Know   
14 The All - I Don't Go Back   
15 The Roadrunners - Little Ruby   
16 The Vampires - Something You Got   
17 Little Sparky & The Magpies - Hold On I'm Coming   
18 St. James' - Helpful Man   
19 Knut Kiesewetter - Just The Same As Me   

Bonus - uncut version
20 The Venture 5 - What's Your Name

Welcome back to the wonderous world of Germanomania. Thanks for encouraging words, praise and criticism. And, no, we're not a bootleg label, we're a lick myboots-label.Amen.

In medias res with The Venture 5. They are not the US-band you may know from "Highs In The Mid-60's 13". These 5 had one of those EPs on Tempo consisting of Top 30 Beatcover. Much harder to find is their single on Juke Box Rec. As the debut of The Royal Servants appeared on the same label, they might even be a Swabian band. It took a while until it clicked, but "What's Your Name" is another (most likely) cover. You wonder how they got hold of the original by The (UK) Valkyries and turned a harmless little Beat number into this screaming monster. 

Bad news for all those greedy collectors who can't find sleep before they own all the Prae-Kraut stuff in original format. Both sides of The Beat-Nicks' record are sensational, but it never was released officially. All that's left is this acetate made at Reuterton, a studio in Euskirchen. Their leader/songwriter was one Rudi Kasten, and that's all we know about one of the most exciting exhumations of the decade. 

Another incredible discovery are The Mushroams on the PE-label. These hardly are recordings from the Club Lila Eule as the cover states. Tonstudio Isermann, immortalized on the label, obviously was the scene of the crime. But as the Lila Eule (lilac owl) was Bremen's Cavern, The Mushroams probably smelled of fish a bit while roaming on their mush. 

The Excelsiors would be highly collectable even if their sole 45 was crap (but then, it wouldn't be here!), because it's one of those damn-hard-to-come-by-I'll-pay-a-million-even-without-sleeve-records on the Dr. Scherer-label. (We're desperately searching for a copy of The Lightnings-7", for instance...). There were Scottish, Irish and English bands, making it bigger in Germany than back home. 

The Image came from Wales after failing to crack the jackpot with 3 singles on Parlophone. Rumor has it, that a young Dave Edmunds swung the axe, but neither their live appearance at "Beat Club", nor the pictures on the sleeves of their 2 German-only singles for Hit-Ton seem to prove it. After a disappointing attempt to beat Dave Dee & Co. on their very own territory, "Creation" was an unexpected move in the right direction and a brilliant fuzzy Freakbeat classic. But the mods with their stinky scooters didn't want to hear about pollution and Greenpeace came more than a decade too late. Right place, wrong time, so much about making it bigger...

The Gentlemen are our obligatory (a nod is as good as a wink to a perforated cheese) contribution to save Swiss history from oblivion. Come on, boys. There must be someone who's able to do the job properly in a country where Beat is a common christian name. 

League 66 and their only claim to fame on APM shoud be familiar (see Vol. 9). Here's the chilling, thrilling, torturing, elegiac flip. Dig the slowness...

The Earls released one of the rarest self-distributed 45's from Austria and though most of the Oetzis are called Toni or Peppi...see under Gentlemen, The. 

The Rags aren't the North Rhine-Westphalian Rags you may know from Vol. 2 and Vol. 7. Their label is Studio Hannover and they recorded there after a 35 miles drive from Goslar. "Sunlight City" is another one of these listeners in a love it- and a hate it-fraction with stuff like this, but that' part of the fun and intended. 

"Hurt It", The Strangers spell this cryptic punk ballad in sadistic imperative. Grammatically even more adventurous it gets when they start singing: "It has hurted you". Pure dadaistic genius, I'd say. A multitude of Strangers were active in our country and most every city had a band of that name. These here Strangers recorded a 7" for the often underrated Kerston-label and are different from those on Paletten, who again are different from those (pre-King-Beats) Strangers on Decca. 

After the even better flip of The Beat-Nicks' acetate (see above), you'll find The Major Shouts with the cute B-side of "Gammlin' Girl", misspelled on our Vol. 9 as "Gamblin' Girl" (Remember what a Gammler was?). 

The Boasters on International were advertised as "Der Sound aus Liverpool" and indeed they copy the zound of the zity good enough to tempt you to believe they might be baptized with Mersey water. But as there's no trace of any Boasters in any British discography, we'll incorporate them till the opposite is proven and give them double passports then. 

A two nationalities are The All with Frank Jarnach and Charly Krueger from Germany and Simon Hind and guitarist Dave Watt from England. (Though the latter seemingly has missed the bus when they recorded their only single for Fontana). They were the last incarnation of Lee Curtis & The All Stars and toured Germany for about half a year in 67 after Lee took the Autobahn to quit the Reeperbahn. 

Pure-bred Liverpudlians were The Roadrunners. In 63 and 64 long residencies at The Star Club led to various recordings only released in Germany. More about them on Vol. 10. "Little Ruby" is the first of 2 non-LP 45's recorded on location. John Peacock on piano sounds like under the spell of The Killer from Feriday, who caused spontaneous piano combustions at the Club in 64. 

A similar fate the other way round made The Vampires leave Hamburg after 2 heroic, but remarkably unsuccessful tries to win the annual Battle of the Bands there in 64 and 65. They moved to Spain and released 6 7"s for the Sesion-label. Their whole output consisted of coverversions apart from this 66 EP, which has 4 originals. And, yes, we already used one of them on Vol. 6. 

Like The Vampires, Little Sparky & The Magpies on Paletten were 4 young lads with a soft spot for the soulful side of R&B. While such tendencies were inspiration for elegant Mod bands like The Action in the UK, the results over here often sounded like cavemen on heavy migraine. Little Sparky's interpretation of Sam & Dave's Memphis Soul classic clear case of transforms it to a spooky dirge. 

The oddly named St. James' (see Vol. 9) are back with the other side of their sole single on Star Ton. There's still no reasonable info about these Folk Rockers and they still overexpose their chirpy vocal qualities a bit too much. 

Knut Kiesewetter was quite a big name and - due to lack of competition - often labeled Germany's best Jazz singer. (This led to much confusion in our young brains and for a while we thought insipid white Gospel is what Jazz is all about). In 67 he smartly decided to go with the flow and released an LP on the smartest of labels (the club of the stars). After a couple of illfated attempts to get in the groove, he succeeds with "Just The Same As Me". A most unlikely choice and note by note just the same arrangement as on the original UK-Freakbeatsters The Southern Sound.

Prae-Kraut Pandaemonium Vol.16 - Vol.20:

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