Saturday, December 10, 2011

T.C. Atlantic - Live & Studio

60s Garage/Psych Band From Minneapolis
In the mid- and late '60s, T.C. Atlantic was one of the biggest groups in Minneapolis, recording a few singles and a live LP that were little heard outside of the region. They did manage to cut one song, "Faces," that became deservedly revered by '60s collectors as one of the finest garage psychedelic 45s after it was reissued on Pebbles, Vol. 3. Nothing else they did matched that single's magnificent snaky melody and guitars, though their live album (consisting entirely of covers) has a certain je ne sais quoi that distinguishes it as one of the best all-cover '60s garage LPs.

T.C. Atlantic - Live & Studio
01 I Think It's Goona Work Out Fine (live)
02 Mona (live)
03 Spanish Harlem (live)
04 Don't Ask Me What I Say (live)
05 Smokestack Lightning (live)
06 Shotgun (live)
07 Stand By Me (live)
08 Shake (live)
09 Lovelight (live)
10 Once Upon A Melody
11 I Love You So Little Girl
12 Mona
13 My Babe
14 Faces (original turtle version)
15 Baby Please Don't Go
16 Shake
17 Spanish Harlem
18 (20 years ago) In Speedy's Kitchen
19 I'm So Glad
20 Faces (parrot version)
21 Love Is Just
22 Judgement Train
23 Shine The Light

A haphazard reissue, combining their live album with some rare studio singles. The live material, consisting almost entirely of soul and R&B covers, has an appealing brashness; the studio stuff is okay, presenting a much poppier, Zombies/Remains-styled group, with the exception of the lousy heavy/progressive number "Judgement Train." Major strikes against this compilation are the absences of "Faces" and the good 45 studio version of "Mona," both of which, oddly, show up on the Eva compilation The Finest Hours Of U.S. '60s Punk.

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