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The Shaggs - The Shaggs (1969-75)

The Shaggs — американская девичья рок-группа, состоящая из четырёх родных сестер. Все четверо не получили качественного музыкального образования, репетировали дома на ферме отца. Группа играла не слаженно, порой совершенно аритмично.
Первые выступления группы состоялись в 1968 году. В 1969 году на деньги отца Остина Виджина (Austin Wiggin) был выпущен студийный альбом «Философия мира» («Philosophy of the World»). О группе вряд ли бы кто-то узнал, если бы пластинка не попала в руки Френка Заппы. Френк был удивлен тем, насколько искренне и проникновенно звучат песни, несмотря на низкое качество исполнения.
Группа распалась в 1975 году после смерти Остина. В 1980 году неожиданно альбом «Философия мира» был переиздан. Журнал «Роллинг Стоун» присвоил альбому приз «Возвращение года».
Группа считается предвестником панк-рока. В любви к группе признавался в числе многих Курт Кобейн.

One of the great stories of rock & roll is that of the three Wiggins sisters (Dot, Helen, and Betty), better known as the Shaggs. Growing up dirt poor in New Hampshire, the three girls were turned onto forming a band by their father, Austin Wiggins, who bought their instruments and payed for lessons. Despite their lack of musical expertise, Austin drove the girls down to a studio in Massachusetts, determined to get them on tape "while they were still hot." Striking a deal with a local fly-by-night record company called Third World, the Shaggs recorded their debut album, Philosophy of the World, in one day, recording a dozen tunes all written by Dot. One thousand copies were pressed and all but 100 of them quickly disappeared, along with the president of the company. The Shaggs started playing a regular, Saturday night dance back home in Fremont, NH, and added another sister, Rachel, on bass, to their ranks. When Austin Wiggins passed away in 1975, the group disbanded and never played together again. But over the intervening years, their lone misguided attempt at recording started gaining cult status. In a Playboy magazine interview, Frank Zappa called Philosophy of the World his third all-time favorite album, and by the time NRBQ had reissued it in 1980, its legendary status was already confirmed. Other, later, and slightly more profieicent recordings emerged on the compilation Shaggs' Own Thing, and both albums were produced for compact disc on Rounder, issued as simply The Shaggs. In 1999, RCA Victor finally reissued the original Philiosophy album with its original cover, notes, and sequencing, keeping the music of the Shaggs (which one can view as either guileless primitive art or just a garage band that really can't play or sing) alive into the new millennium.

Philosophy of the World 
01. I'm So Happy When You're Near (2:15) 
02. My Companion (2:07) 
03. That Little Sports Car (2:10) 
04. Swet Thing [2:58] 
05. Philosophy of the World (3:01) 
06. What Should I Do? (2:22) 
07. My Pal Foot Foot (2:33) 
08. Who Are Parents (3:02) 
09. Things I Wonder (1:50) 
10. Why Do I Feel? (4:02) 
11. It's Halloween (2:25) 
12. We Have a Savior (3:12) 
13. Who Are Parents (run-through) (3:06) [bonus track] 
Shaggs' Own Thing 
14. You're Somethin' Special to Me (2:06) 
15. Wheels (1:20) 
16. Paper Roses (3:49) 
17. Shaggs' Own Thing (2:07) 
18. Painful Memories (3:55) 
19. Gimme Dat Ding (1:43) 
20. My Cutie (2:16) 
21. Yesterday Once More (3:25) 
22. My Pal Foot Foot (3:04) 
23. I Love (2:20) 
24. Shaggs' Own Thing (vocal version) (3:57) 
25. Love at First Sight (3:35) [bonus track]
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