Saturday, August 10, 2013


The group was founded around the beginning of the 60s under the name The Black Fellows and did well in the Ghent club circuit as a dance band. Home Propagation of the band was theTF Club (later Arena Theatre ) and manager was the Ghent police sergeant Walter Hellbyck. After three years, the group changed in New Inspiration under the influence of the new manager of the group Jacques Verdonck .
The success was immediate and the debut single I Got a Feeling was a hit and one of the favorite records of Radio Caroline . Also later recordings as You Made a Fool of Me , I See No Reason Why, Mr. Moody and Happy Charly Madman were relative hits with an average sale of about 35,000 units. The group was allowed to make admissions in England and a few songs appeared on the prestigious Apple label of The Beatles. However, through many personnel changes the group falls apart around 1970. Band members have included Danny Sinclair , Daniel Prove and Gilbert Remue . Danny Sinclair decided to start a solo project.
Shortly afterwards founded manager Jacques Verdonck a "new" New Inspirations with key figures Guido Wolfaert and Eddy Vander Linden . The group recorded some new successes with songs like Rainbow I Love You and Judy Please , but once again the band has the same disease and do the many personnel changes the band fall apart 

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