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The band's became known due to their stint on the talent show television program, Ebisu-Onsen (which was very similar in concept to the American program, Star Search), on which the winning band would receive a recording contract.

The Surf Coasters had much success on the show, which lead to a loyal fan following. They succeeded to make it into the final round of the competition, where they finished in second place; however, they still received a record deal, which lead to the release of their debut CD, Surf Panic '95, which, despite being an instrumental album, sold well. The band also played that year with surf music legend and "King of the Surf Guitar", Dick Dale, who was on his first tour of Japan. Reportedly, after the tour Dale referred to Naka as the "Prince of the Surf Guitar."

Since then, the band has released upwards of twenty records, for the Columbia, Victor and BMG record labels, and have become number one, Japan-wide, for instrumental bands. Their sound has varied since 1995, including dancehall, acoustic arrangements, blues, ethereal, and heavy metal. Naka has also gone on to record, with and without the rest of the band, on other musical projects, including soundtracks for film and video games.

Though not officially broken up, the band played its last shows together in November 2005. Naka has been performing with an assortment of bands, including Ryouchi Endo and The Southern All Stars. Kurita has been playing bass with his band Chill.

01. Tsunami Struck
02. The Clash
03. Fly Up
04. Shark Attack
05. Intruder
06. Bike Men
07. Dolphins (Live On TV)
08. Chasing Shadows
09. Waste Land
10. Typhoon Swell
11. Rampage
12. Death Rage 2000
13. Sea Knows
14. Bitter Sweet Samba
15. Tally-Ho
16. Astral Circle
17. Free Fall
18. Start Inaction
19. Last Train
20. Satisfy
21. Linda
22. Wild Cherry
23. Guts (Live)
24. Beach Monster (Live)
25. Rock Dance (Live)
26. Misirlou (Live)

CD 2

01. Misirlou
02. Shark man
03. The clash
04. Ultra Q's theme
05. Beach monster
06. Wave weapon
07. Chasing shadows (Live)
08. Tsunami struck
09. Vamos por ahi
10. Intruder
11. Bombora
12. Black hole
13. Big tunder
14. Adventures in paradox
15. Hawaiian daylight
16. Cyclone
17. Baja
18. Jack the ripper
19. Riding high
20. Happy easter!
21. Black sand beach
22. Surf express
23. Jaws break
24. Fly up (Live)
25. Misirlou
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