Sunday, December 22, 2013

Peter Jay &The Jaywalkers - Jaywalkin'Singles 1962-1965

Originally based in East Anglia, England, the Jaywalkers, comprising Peter Miller (lead guitar), Tony Webster (rhythm guitar), Mac McIntyre (tenor saxophone/flute), Lloyd Baker (piano/baritone saxophone), Geoff Moss (acoustic bass), Johnny Larke (electric bass), and Peter Jay (drums), pre-dated the British beat boom. They scored a minor hit in 1962 with ‘Can Can 62’, but despite an unquestioned competence, their rather stilted act became increasingly anachronistic. The group attempted a more contemporary image with several R&B-based releases, and in 1966 a restructured line-up emerged under the name Peter Jay And The New Jaywalkers. Now reduced to a quintet, the unit featured vocalist Terry Reid, but despite an impressive appearance on the Rolling Stones’ UK tour, they disbanded by the end of that year.

01. Peter Jay & The Jaywalkers-Can Can '62               
02. Peter Jay & The Jaywalkers-Redskins                   
03. Peter Jay & The Jaywalkers-Totem Pole                 
04. Peter Jay & The Jaywalkers-Jaywalker                 
05. Peter Jay & The Jaywalkers-Poet  Peasant             
06. Peter Jay & The Jaywalkers-Oo, La la                 
07. Peter Jay & The Jaywalkers-Kansas City               
08. Peter Jay & The Jaywalkers-The Parade Of The Tin Soldier
09. Peter Jay & The Jaywalkers-If You Love Me             
10. Peter Jay & The Jaywalkers-You Girl                   
11. Peter Jay & The Jaywalkers-Where Did Our Love Go     
12. Peter Jay & The Jaywalkers-Caroline                   
13. Peter Jay & The Jaywalkers-Tonight You're Gonna Fall - J
14. Peter Jay & The Jaywalkers-Red Cabbage               
15. Peter Jay & The Jaywalkers-Parchman Farm             
17. Peter Jay & The Jaywalkers-Before The Beginning       

Tracks 16 (What's Easy For Two Is So Hard For One);18 ( Solitaire) missing...

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