Monday, March 31, 2014

Le Group Five - En direct de Liverpool


  1. Why do i need pass worde for this download.

  2. Group 5
    No more than a footnote in the history of British bands, Group 5 was a quartet of Londoners who managed to cut an entire album for the French Barclay label during the British beat boom-thus making them the Gallic equivalent of any number of British acts (including "The You Know Who Group") that only got their work recorded in the USA because they were British.

    The Spectrum circa 1967-1970
    The Spectrum were mostly known in Europe, despite being a British band -- they were actually a manufactured group, reportedly put together by British RCA to see if they couldn't come up with a U.K. equivalent of the Monkees, but they never had any luck in their own country, despite exposure on a popular children's television show for part of its run and getting a single picked up by a top pirate radio station. Tony Atkins (lead guitar), Colin Forsey (vocals), Bill Chambers (organ), Tony Judd (bass), and Keith Forsey (drums)
    ...Keith Forsey, who went on to play drums with numerous other artists, in addition to becoming a major songwriter (including co-authoring "Flashdance (What a Feeling)" and "Don't You Forget About Me") and producing Billy Idol, Nina Hagen, the Pointer Sisters, and the Psychedelic Furs, among numerous other artists, and writing several movie soundtracks.


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