Sunday, March 23, 2014

Zen - Hair (1969)

 Zen were from Amsterdam/Netherlands and had a total of ten singles and two LP's between 1967-76. This CD contains their first album "Zen" from 1969 and their 7-inches they made during the sixties (and one from 1971 for sure). The music itself is a strong mix of pop and psychedelia. 

Dirk van der Ploeg - 12-string guitar, vocals
John Brands - vocals
 Duco de Rijk - lead guitar, vocals
Siebe de Jong - saxophone, vocals, recorder (03)
Bart Bos - bass
Wim Taarling - drums, vocals

Rare first album from 60s psych pop Dutch band. Originally released in 1969, includes 'Hair,Aquarius (from the musical 'Hair') plus 11 bonus tracks 'Dark Days Of December', 'Bye Bye Heart', 'Everyday Around You', 'Get Me Down', 'Wayfaring Stranger', 'Take Me Down To the Riverside', 'Let Me Try To Cry', 'Birds Can See My Tears', 'I Love Tour Sigh' , 'Sad Song' & 'Jingles t.b.v. Radio Veronica'.

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