Monday, April 14, 2014

VA - Underground '60s British Invasion

1.What You Got - the Eccentrics
2.See You Later, Alligator - Wayne Gibson & The Dynamic Sounds
3.Pins In My Heart - The Beat Buddies
4.Baby, Baby, Baby Pity Me - Wayne Gibson & The Dynamic Sounds
5.Time, Time, Time - The Knack
6.You Don't Know What Love Is - The Dennisons
7.Just A Little Bit - The Laurie Jay Combo
8.Make Her Mine - Hipster Image
9.Louie Go Home - The Transatlantics
10.Keep A Knocking - The Outlaws
11.I've Got Everything You Need, Babe - The Fenmen
12.Got the Flame - The Worrying Kynde
13.Don't Come Any Closer - Just Four Men
14.Shake With Me - The Outlaws
15.Sweet Little Baby - The Zephyrs
16.Don't Lie To Me - The Four + 1
17.Midnight Hour - The Deejays's
18.Just Like Me - Scorpions
19.Louie Louie - The Athenians
20.Hosanna - The Darwin's Theory
21.You Came Along - Moquettes
22.Say Alright - The Rattles
23.Tossin' & Turnin' - Dave Duvani
24.Bull Moose - Firing Squad
25.Baby Don't Look Down - The Blues Council
26.Bald Headed Woman - Jay-Jays
27.Baby Not Like You - Whirlwind
28.Dig A Little Deeper - The Cherokees
29.The Train Kept A-Rollin' - Screaming Lord Sutch & The Savages
30.You Better Make Up Your Mind - The Koobas
31.Get Out Of My Way - Bo Street Runners
32.At The Station - The Bunch Of Fives
33.Don't Treat Me Bad - Rey Anton & The Peppermint Men
34.Ma's Place - The Meddyevils
35.She Thinks - Haydock's Rockhouse
36.I'm Looking For A Woman - Jimmy Powell & The Five Dimensions
37.Me - A Band Of Angels
38.She Ain't No Good - The Knack
39.It's Love Baby - The Knack
40.That's the Way It's Got to Be - The Poets
41.I'm Not A Bad Guy - Heinz
42.Right String Baby, But The Wrong Yo-Yo - Moquettes
43.Doin' the Ton - Mel Turner & The Mohicans
44.I Can Tell - The Casual Four
45.Keep On Doing It - The Outsiders
46.Just For Me - Midkinghts
47.Your Friend - Mal Ryder & The Spirits
48.I Don't Wanna Know - Mike Cotton Sound
49.How Do You Feel - The Primitives
50.What's Your Name - Valkyries
51.Ain't Gonna Eat My Heart Out Anymore - Loose Ends
52.Things She Says - The In Crowd
53.I'm Leaving You - Jimmy Royal & The Hawks
54.Work Song - James Royal
55.I'm Ready - The Quakers
56.Bony Maroine at The Hop - The Manchester Mob
57.Peace in My Mind - The Slade Brothers
58.Just In Case - Tony Howard & The Dictators
59.I Feel So Blue - Tony Knight & The Live Wires
60.Think It Over - The Hellions
61.Shake, Shout and Go - Brian Diamond & The Cutters
62.I Got A Woman - The Banshees
63.Come On Home - The Shevells
64.Oo Poo Pa Doo - Mal Ryder & The Spirits
65.Bye Bye Johnny - The Regents
66.Alley Oop - Boston Crabs
67.Think I'll Sit Down & Cry - Phase 4
68.She Makes Me Feel Better - Gary Walker
69.Yes I Do - Tony's Defenders
70.Seventh Son - The Soul Agents



  1. Enormous gratitude for all of these recent postings/shares! Some of these I've had but in poor bit rate quality. Thank you for the (mostly) higher quality versions and for the fantastic selection of killer 60s tunes.

  2. Great selection! Thanks for sharing all this.


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