Saturday, May 3, 2014

Aces Combo Introducing (US, 1967)

A schoolboy quintet, all 14 or 15 according to the reproduced liner notes, trot through some favourite covers - surf/instrumental (Wipe Out, Apache), ballads (Under The Boardwalk, My Girl), frat/dance (Shake A Tail Feather, The Monkey Time) and pop/beat (Pied Piper, This Boy). Kudos to Collectables for reissuing these extremely rare and expensive albums. Curiosity is satisfied without selling the family china, though the general sound of these lesser known Justice LPs is the pre-fuzz 1964/1965 period and of more interest to fans of beat/pop/frat than the "class of '66" clan.

1.         The Pied Piper
2.         Apache
3.         Laugh It Off
4.         No Matter What Shape
5.         Come Home
6.         Secret Agent Man
7.         This Boy
8.         The Monkey Time
9.         Wipe Out
10.         Shake A Tail Feather
11.         My Girl
12.         Under The Boardwalk

Aces Combo: Johnny Yarbrough (vocals, guitar); Tim Ervin, Johnny Nance (guitar); Michael Earnhardt (bass); Howard Caywood (drums).

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