Friday, May 2, 2014


Phoenix consisted of Chuck McCabe (guitar,vocals),Tiran Porter (bass,vocals),Homer Swain (drums,vocals),Mike Walch (percussion,vocals,piano).The group has connections to the Doobie Brothers,Tiran Porter would replace Dave Shogren on bass for the Doobies’ second album Toulous Street in 1972.

1.Julia’s Face
2.Music On My Mind
3.I Can’t Lose You Now
4.Hello Nashville
5.Thanks For Nothing
6.Too Many Words
7.Do Something To Make Somebody Happy
8.I’m Leaving, You Arrived
9.Postmark N.Y.C.
10.Words I Have To Say
11.Baby I’m Sorry (What Else Can I Say)


  1. Vocês tem alguma coisa de "The Lewis and Clark Expedition" para postar? Esse blog é um dos melhores dos anos 60. Obrigado por compartilhar.


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